Book Club

My best friend suggested the two of us start up a book club. I was really nervous about doing that because I’ve never been a part of one and ours will have to take place online since she lives 5 hours away. I’m thankful that is such a great book social networking site and I think we can successfully have a book club using it. Today is day one. We have a month to read a book. This month’s book is Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

I haven’t started it yet because I read fast.

There’s nothing to do but wait until everyone is done reading and go about discussing it. I am a little concerned with how well that will go and I wonder if I should take some notes while I read it so I have some valid discussion material. I’m pretty much basing this whole book club on the discussions I used to have in AP English in high school. That is where I picked the monthly deadline. The regular English classes did chapter discussions or read a block of chapters and discussed, but our class had a month to read the entire book and discussed it after that month as a whole. I’ve always thought that was better. Sometimes important things are hidden in chapters that resurface later and sometimes you just can’t know what the book’s main theme will be like chapter by chapter. After we were done reading the book in English class, we’d set the desks up in a circle and discussed it in an informal fashion. Despite my shyness, I really preferred this method and hope that I can mimic a similar style via discussion board. I don’t want it to be too much of an essay.
I wish all of the members lived in my area so we could meet in person over some wine and finger foods, but I can’t be too picky. There are book clubs around here, but the beauty of starting your own is being able to pick the books. I’ll read pretty much anything, but so many book clubs seem to focus on romance and Oprah books and that’s just not my thing.
I can’t wait to get started and will update my blog once the first discussion happens!


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