One of my hobbies:

My most active hobby is reading. I love to read and try to read a few books a month. I always want to read more and expand more.
But I never really count reading as a hobby. It’s just part of who I am and what I do.
My husband is huge into trying new things and both of us get into all sorts of crazy hobbies.
I enjoy drawing and have been sketching and making comic strips in my spare time.
I’ve also recently began shooting rifles and pistols at the range and trying to get better at that. I really enjoy doing it. I also shoot a traditional bow and enjoy that, too. I think I just like shooting things at targets. It’s a good skill to have and it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I hit the target exactly where I was aiming.
I enjoy making things, which is part of the allure of shooting at the range. We’ve built target stands and brass catchers and gun racks and ammo boxes. We even tried our hand at wood burning, which was fun.
I also can’t forget saltwater fishing. I never thought I’d enjoy fishing, but I do! It’s so relaxing and yet exciting at the same time. 

I am pretty much up for anything, which is probably why I’ve followed my husband into virtually all of his new hobbies and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.


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