Booking Through Thursday–Pet Names

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This week, Lu asks:

Do you have any pet that has a name inspired by your readings? If not, what would you pick if you DID? Do any of your friends have book-based names for their pets? (Or their children?)

I had a hound dog that was from a german descent and I picked Mina. Mina has german origins, but in reality, I chose it because of Dracula and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Most of my pet names are random. When I was younger, I named my bird Pavo. I still don’t know why. And the dogs I’ve had have mostly been named after the military. I had a german shepherd named Admiral and when he died, I named my next dog (a girl) Addy after him. I had another german shepherd named Chief after that.

I don’t have any pets now. I’ve lost a few and had to give away a couple. I’ve been pet free for a while now and I don’t think I’ll be getting any more pets. If I did, however, I would probably pick a clever name, though I’m not sure what.

I do have a friend with a daughter named Mina, but that was more after the movie League of Extraordinary Gentleman than the book Dracula. I still think it’s a pretty name, regardless.

One of my friends has a parakeet named Magnus, which is a character from a book, though I can’t remember which book.


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