Top Ten Tuesday–Rewind: Trends

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This week, it is Top Ten Tuesday Rewind, where we pick a previous Top Ten Tuesday that we haven’t completed before.

Top Ten Trends I Would Like to See More or Less of

1. Less books in a series. I am the kind of person who tries to read a series when most of the books are out already. I don’t mind waiting for some, but it’s difficult to keep track when I win/review a book that is first in a series and it’s not even published yet, which means by the time the second one comes out, I will have forgotten what the story is about!

2. More dystopian novels. What can I say, this is my favorite type of book. I’m seeing quite a bit of them lately and it makes me happy.

3. Less YA dystopian novels and more adult dystopian novels. While I’m glad one of my favorite genres is finally popular, I would like to see more adult books like this and less YA. Not that I don’t like the YA dystopian books. I just think adult fans of 1984 and the like won’t go out of their way to read any YA dystopias.

4. More vampires. I know, most people are sick of vampires. But they are my favorite supernatural creatures and I can’t get enough! I’m always on the lookout for great vampire books that can be taken seriously.

5. Less fake vampires. By fake vampires, I mean vampires that stick to so few of the general vampire rules that I think it’s a stretch to call them actual vampires. I’ll go ahead and say it… Twilight. I think the vampires are great and creative creatures, but they should have been called something else. It’s not that I don’t recognize how creative you have to be to change so much, it’s just that when people walk around talking about how much they love vampires and they mean Twilight vampires, us real vampire lovers get annoyed. =)

6. More fantasy! I have realized just how much fantasy, both adult and YA are coming out. Perhaps this has always been the case and I just haven’t paid attention. Either way, it’s exciting to me to enter new and strange worlds through characters.

7. More fiction that jars me. There is no shortage now of books that make me say “Holy crap” or “Wow” when I’m done reading, but I’m always hoping for more. Well written books that make me think or make some valid point or just knock me backwards when I’m reading are my favorites. I’m always asking for more.

8. More books into movies. This is tough because most readers don’t enjoy the movies as much, but I think it creates a following and introduces people who normally don’t read to new ideas. There is so much good literature out there and most of time, when I mention to friends that a movie was a book and the book was good, they will go out and read it. I like putting more books into people’s hands.

9. More parental figures in YA fiction. For Mother’s Day, the Follow Friday meme at Parajunkee and Alison Can Read was “This Sunday in the U.S. is Mother’s Day. In celebration, what are some of your favorite books with strong mother/child relationships?” This question made me realize how many YA books have little to no parental involvement. Some of them involve grandparents and some characters have no parents, but I think this should be improved. As an adult (who doesn’t want children), it’s easy to overlook this, but I think teens should have more positive parental relationships to read about. After all, without parents, half of the books could be shelved in the regular fiction section if the ages of the character went up a few years. I’m trying to remember how tough it was to get along with my parents as a teen and perhaps reading more great fiction that involves parents would have helped. I’m not saying we should all read and write books with only great families (the real world isn’t like that), I just think it would be nice to see more awesome moms and dads.

10. Less ebook only titles. I love to read and I love being able to read on the cheap. Despite not owning an ereader, the PC apps available from Kindle, Nook, and Adobe have opened me up to new titles I might not have read otherwise. I like this, but I also think that books should be more than a file and I’d like to see more books in paperback and hardcover lining my shelves. I know a lot of times it is easier to publish an ebook only title, I just think it’s better to cater to all readers instead of just a small percentage of e-readers.

That was a challenging list to complete, but an interesting subject.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday–Rewind: Trends

  1. Awesome list- i agree with so many of these!! I'm on the fence about series, because so many times i finish a book and think – i want to know More! but then, its usually just because i love the character and want to know more about their life… not because the story isnt over.

    Here is my Top Ten Rewind!


  2. I wholly approve of this list! I'm loving the dystopian hype too at the moment! I'd also like a few more standalones – just so I know that when I finish a book, I'm not going to find a really mean cliffhanger, if nothing else!

    Happy Tuesday!

    My TTT this week


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