Booking Through Thursday–First Teacher

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This week’s question:

Margaret asks: Who taught you to read?

Great question! I suppose reading has always been a major part of my childhood. My mom read children’s books to me on a daily basis. Both of my parents probably taught me how to read, along with the various schools I attended. I didn’t get to a “bad” school until 2nd grade, so I’m sure my teachers were all great before then.

My grandmother and my mom are both avid readers and reading was something normal and interesting to me and I just kind of picked it up. I remember reading A Wrinkle In Time at a pretty young age and loving it.

That’s the answer to who taught me HOW to read. But who taught me TO read? I suppose that’s a mixture of things. Not only was it normal for books to be in the house and be read, but I was a very shy child and we moved around a lot because my dad was in the Navy. It was a bit hard for me to make friends, so reading was my escape. Both of these contributed to me being an avid reader myself.

They say that if your parents were smokers, it is much more likely that you will be a smoker because you are exposed to it frequently and you see it as normal and just something that people do regularly. I definitely believe that is true, as I am a smoker and my parents smoked throughout my entire childhood.

I think this logic can be applied to reading, too. I saw people read in my family all the time. Books were readily available. I was taken to the library where I received a bright yellow library card at a young age. Reading was normal, so I think it increased the chances that I would be a big reader, too.


5 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday–First Teacher

  1. I totally agree with you, books were always available in my house, and my whole family were avid readers so it just natural to me. I hope to do the same for kids, they both already really enjoy being read to and my daughter who is only 2 often picks up a book and pretends to read it using the pictures, every night I read to her and then she “reads” the same book back to me.
    My son is just learning to read, and loves to point out words he knows and sounds out ones he thinks he can read.

    My BTT


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