TGIF – Back to School Reading

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This Friday’s Question:

Back to School Reading: Which books would you like to see
in today’s high school Literature classrooms?
by Oscar Wilde
I actually got to read this in AP English senior year and fell in love with this story and the elements of identity in it.
by Ayn Rand
I know most people hate this book for philosophical and political reasons, but I don’t think enough people read it objectively. I think this book is one that people pretend they’ve read and go on bashing rants, much like Twilight. I’m all about not liking a book if you’ve read it, but I just don’t agree with bashing a book that you haven’t read and have only heard about and googled. And I don’t think teenagers in high school really know anything about it, so it’s probably the perfect time to be introduced to it.
by John Green
This book is so well written. John Green can really write YA. I suppose instead of reading books that teenagers find hard to identify with these days (like Catcher in the Rye), perhaps it’s time to incorporate more modern YA books with heavy themes.
If I continued, I’d have about 100 books on this post. There are so many books I feel people should read, especially in high school. I also feel like I should list all the ones I read and loved in high school. But these are some great picks that I definitely recommend.

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