Feature and Follow Friday–Book Gifts

This weeks Question:

We always talk about books that WE want. Let’s turn it on its head. What books have you given other people lately?

First of all, I LOVE the new Feature and Follow Friday Button! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

 My book BFF, Alice, had a recent birthday. She’s a Twilight fanatic, but she’s also got a lot of Twilight merchandise, so I had to search hard to figure out what to get her. She loves to read, but she’s a slow reader and I feel like I already get on her case about finishing novels and bombard her with lists of more YOU-HAVE-TO-READ-THESE-RIGHT-NOW suggestions, so I didn’t want to buy her more YA books.
I got her the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Twilight: The Complete Journey, which had basically everything about the Twilight franchise ever. I also got her The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive: Memories, Mementos, and Other Treasures from the Creative Team Behind the Beloved Motion Pictures. Fortunately, she didn’t already have them and she loved both of the books. It’s not often that I buy books of any kind for people, but I knew my friend would totally appreciate the books. Plus, they complimented her Twilight collection and it was totally worth it to see her face light up when she opened them. I seriously wish I knew more readers so I could always gift amazing books and get awesome reactions like that.
Even though I’m not a Twilight fanatic myself, the two books I got were actually pretty awesome. The film archive had some of the coolest mementos inside of it and the magazine had giant posters of all the Entertainment Weekly covers.
The picture I snapped of one of the posters


6 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday–Book Gifts

  1. Ooh that looks fabulous, great gifts for a Twihard for sure! My BFF once got my an Edward poster and though I'm a little old for posters, I enjoyed gazing into those golden eyes 😀 Great answer, thanks for sharing & for stopping by earlier ♥ Old follower via GFC but I followed you via NB for good measure 🙂


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