Review–Rise and Fall (Empyreal #2) by Christal M. Mosley

Rise And Fall (Empyreal #2)
by Christal M. Mosley

Summary: Now that Coralie knows the truth about her heritage, it’s up to her to find the answers that she seeks. Coralie and Court get separated due to an assigned Mission by the Elders on Coralie’s behalf. Cal and Katelyn believe that, to avoid any trouble that may slide underneath the radar while Court’s away, a change of scenery is just what their daughter may need…and they know just the person to aid in her protection. While Alex and Coralie are tucked safely away in the Empyreal Warriors’ homeland of Greece, Coralie should be safe…right? That is, until word gets out and the ones who seek the new found Warrior are getting closer by the minute. When Cal gets word of his daughter’s potential threat, he goes after the Rogue members of the Council that seek her. But when Cal goes missing, the Warrior in Coralie rises to align the world around her. Join the Empyreal Warriors in the captivating, compelling, and emotional sequel to Awaken.

Source: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.



Rise and Fall was a great sequel to Awaken. I love how the title fit perfectly with the book, much like Awaken fit with book one. In book one, Coralie was kept in the dark for so long before she finally understood her past and heritage and was awakened. In Rise and Fall, she learned so much about herself and the people around her and attempted to take some control and protect the people she loved.

I enjoyed watching Coralie grow and gain new abilities. I liked her drive and spirit. I also enjoyed having more time with Alex in the picture because I like his character quite a bit and his backstory was definitely interesting. I felt like I didn’t get enough time with Court and Coralie because of all of the events going on around the Warriors, but the time that I got with Alex and Criston sort of made up for the lack of Court. I loved the events that unfolded in the story, too. There were some moments when I couldn’t seem to get into the narrative and I felt like the story could have had a better flow or been more descriptive in terms of the surroundings and new gifts.

I definitely recommend Rise and Fall as a thrilling sequel to Awaken and a pivotal part of the Empyreal series. The ending was riveting and I can’t wait for the next installment! I love the new covers of the books, too. I think they represent the story a bit better and are more appealing in general.

Where to Buy Rise and Fall, Book Two of the Empyreal Series: Amazon Kindle – $0.99
Book One of the Empyreal Series:
Awaken (Empyreal #1): Goodreads . My Review . FREE for Amazon Kindle!

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