Review–Stolen (Women of the Otherworld #2) by Kelley Armstrong

Stolen (Women of the Otherworld #2)
by Kelley Armstrong

Summary: It was in Bitten, Kelley Armstrong’s debut novel, that thirty-year-old Elena Michaels came to terms with her feral appetites and claimed the proud identity of a beautiful, successful woman and the only living female werewolf.
In Stolen, on a mission for her own elite pack, she is lured into the net of ruthless Internet billionaire Tyrone Winsloe, who has funded a bogus scientific investigation of the “other races” and their supernatural powers. Kidnapped and studied in his underground lab deep in the Maine woods, these paranormals – witches, vampires, shamans, werewolves – are then released and hunted to the death in a real-world video game. But when Winsloe captures Elena, he finally meets his match.  Source: I purchased a paperback from a used book store.

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I enjoyed Bitten, but I admitted that I wasn’t sure where the story would go in the next installments. And when I began Stolen, new types of creatures were introduced. I felt like I went from a story about only werewolves to a story involving everything with no warning. But I kept reading, curious to see where the story would go with the new creatures. And I’m glad I did.

Stolen was incredible and devoured it. I loved the plot and I thought it was interesting to see Elena cope with being held captive in the strange compound. She had to think about her alliances and figure out how she was going to get out, along with coping with the new creatures she learned about. Suddenly, she wasn’t the only powerful female in the world.

I thought Stolen was an improvement from Bitten because there was so much action and so much hanging in the balance. However, I do still wish I had more werewolf background before being introduced to new creatures in the world. I also wonder how future novels will be able to top the action and dire situations in Stolen.

One of the more exciting things about Stolen was finding out about the existence of other types of supernatural beings, some of them women like Elena. I thought she would bond with some of them and for awhile, it appeared she understood Cassandra. I was a little disappointed by the direction of the book after Elena’s capture in this regard. All of the powerful women turned out to be less than ideal people and I kind of hate that because I thought maybe Elena could would benefit from having some good powerful women to befriend, learn from, and give advice to. And if that isn’t the point, I’m confused about the name of the series.

I definitely recommend the series so far and I’m excited to continue, despite my concern about where it will all go. It’s always like this for me at the start of a long series.



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