2016 Blogger New Year’s Challenge: My Blogger Resolutions


2016 Blogger New Year’s Challenge

hosted by Parajunkee

Day 1: My blogger resolutions

I’ve mentioned this in my End of the Year Book Survey, but I hope to be more active. I just switched to WordPress and I think it’s a million times more user friendly, which means I should be able to throw out more posts here and there! Also, it’s easy to follow, read, and visit other blogs through the app and through Bloglovin. Getting rid of Blogger was step 1 and I plan to follow through with blogging more as a result.

I’d like to do some more ReadAThons and host some various things with other bloggers, as well as post more content other than reviews.

On Instagram, I’m super active in the book community, but in the blogging world, I’m slightly behind. Partly due to Blogger being so awful to post with, but I’ve also had to balance work, life, reading, watching my shows, having a life, and blogging.

What are your resolutions this year?


5 thoughts on “2016 Blogger New Year’s Challenge: My Blogger Resolutions

  1. I want to try out some read-a-thons too! As well as maybe one Blogeista! I think it would be a blast! I am working on being more social around the blogging community as well! I think we will all get the hang of it though πŸ™‚

    — New follower πŸ™‚


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