2016 Blogger New Year’s Challenge – Blogger Peeves


2016 Blogger New Year’s Challenge

hosted by Parajunkee

Day 7: Top Ten Blogger Peeves of 2015

This is a mixture of things when I post, visit other blogs, or notice in general about book blogs

  1. Having to log in to leave a comment. It makes me crazy when I have to remember some obscure password, finally log in, and then have to retype the entire comment.
  2. Sites that only post positive reviews. This will always bother me.
  3. Sites that only post obscure self published books I know they got for free (and often the rating is 5 stars for those, too). I know it’s cool to get free books and support authors, but I know you read regular books, too, right?!
  4. Using Blogger. My writer that I used to post to Blogger quit working with Blogger. Making a post using the Blogger website quit working, only let me use HTML forms, or wouldn’t let me post pictures. The app wouldn’t resize pictures and it would throw off the entire page if I published straight from the app.
  5. Making my own buttons, headers, layouts, etc and noticing it’s hard to read or not the right size and I have to redo it all because I’m doing it the hard way in like Microsoft Paint. LOL
  6. When your favorite book series becomes a movie/show and the rest of the blogging world is going crazy and you’re just like meh, they’ll ruin it, it’s not supposed to be a movie, sigh.
  7. Finishing a book and not being near a computer. How am I going to expel all of my thoughts RIGHT THIS SECOND?!
  8. Formatting. I got this amazing post and now I have to make all the book titles italic and link here, add, pics, center this, align this. Sometimes I just think it’s so time consuming!
  9. Noticing a misspelled word a week after it’s posted. I usually just leave it. I guess it shows that I’m authentic and make mistakes lol
  10. When all of the things I centered publish aligned to the left. Does this drive anyone else INSANE?


What are your Blogging Pet Peeves?


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