Book Haul


Like all book nerds, I can talk about my never ending TBR shelves and even get a little overwhelmed, but it doesn’t stop me from going to the bookstore with a coupon! There’s not a Barnes and Noble near me for the first time in history, but there IS a Books-A-Million.

What I got:

As much as I love Barnes and Noble, I was totally impressed by the selection and prices at Books-A-Million. Their membership plan is similar, but what really got me was that they had an entire YA section in the Bargain Books (something I’ve NEVER seen at Barnes and Noble). And they had buy 2, get 1 free paperbacks that ALSO included a YA section, as well as Mass Market Paperbacks (something I’ve also never seen at Barnes and Noble). I’m so impressed.


There’s an indie bookstore here in CT that I love, but I also enjoy hitting up the big bookstores with coupons.

What big book retailers do you frequent?




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