Blogger New Year’s Challenge – My 2016 Goals


2016 Blogger New Year’s Challenge

hosted by Parajunkee

Day 14: My 2016 goals and wish list for my blog

I hope to get some more followers, become more active, and make some friends. I’d like to do some more events and ReadAThons with fellow bloggers.

Mostly, I just hope to be more active and I’m working on strategies to fix that and get my blog out there without being overly in your face about it. My goal is to have a ton of content and discussions so that it feels like I’m being more involved.

What type of blogging goals do you have?

Will 2016 be a different year for you?

On a Side Note: Switching to WordPress has already done wonders. I know I’ve talked about this repeatedly, but I love how easy it is to track my stats, comment and reply to comments, and post. On a whim, I shared something I posted to Instagram recently and it was incredibly easy and less awful than Blogger. I highly recommend doing it if you’re on the fence or you find blogging to be tedious sometimes. It’s already doing wonders with getting me to WANT to post more.


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