Review – The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden


The Casquette Girls (The Casquette Girls #1)

by Alys Arden

Summary: Seven girls tied by time.
Five powers that bind.
One curse to lock the horror away.
One attic to keep the monsters at bay.

After the storm of the century rips apart New Orleans, sixteen-year-old Adele Le Moyne wants nothing more than her now silent city to return to normal. But with home resembling a war zone, a parish-wide curfew, and mysterious new faces lurking in the abandoned French Quarter, normal needs a new definition.

As the city murder rate soars, Adele finds herself tangled in a web of magic that weaves back to her own ancestors. Caught in a hurricane of myths and monsters, who can she trust when everyone has a secret and keeping them can mean life or death? Unless . . . you’re immortal.

Source: I received a digital copy from Netgalley

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The Casquette Girls was awesome! It was set in New Orleans, LA shortly after a major storm that almost completely destroyed the city. Adele returned to the city with her father after spending time in France with her mom. To Adele, New Orleans was a part of who she was. Despite the crumbling façade around her and the lack of government assistance, she refused any and all ideas to send her elsewhere. She would stay right where she was. And figure out why she could move things…

The Casquette Girls was everything I wanted from a YA novel dealing with magic, immortality, and secrets. It was laid out well, not too slow, but not jumping head first into insane plots. As Adele discovered her powers, she unearthed buried secrets from her attic. She discovered new friends and some possible foes as she tried to translate a French journal from one of her ancestors that directly related to the strange events happening in her hometown.

If you enjoy The Originals on CW, this book is totally up your alley without the whole Klaus and Original family drama. The book captures everything I love about the New Orleans atmosphere and legends. Despite having seen some of the elements of the novel before, it felt original and new to me and I enjoyed how the author weaved the plot with familiar legends. Of course we all associate New Orleans with vampires, but it wasn’t just a vampire novel or just a witch novel. Instead, it was a novel that captured the essence of New Orleans.

I’m not from New Orleans, nor have I ever been to the city. I’m only familiar with how other stories portray it. But I have to say, I could tell Adele loved the city and I could picture it from her point of view so well. Perhaps the strongest aspect of the book was how quickly and completely it immersed you in all things New Orleans. I felt like I was there and I loved it just as much. One of my fellow blogging friends is from NOLA and she raved about the book, so I’m just going to assume it’s pretty realistic. Because of how rich the setting was, I felt like I could feel everything else, like the magic surrounding Adele and the fear that lingered when she encountered certain characters.

I highly recommend The Casquette Girls. It surpassed my expectations and was completely entertaining. It was full of action, but mostly it was intriguing. It wasn’t the kind of YA book that constantly throws action and mayhem at you with characters taking 2 seconds to figure out what was happening. Instead, it happened slowly, enveloping the reader in mystery and intrigue while the characters slowly began to realize what was happening. It was very well done and I can’t wait to read more from the author.




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