Discussion – Book Habits


Book Habits

Does it bother you when your books don’t match? If you’re missing books in a series on your shelf? If you start a series with an ebook, would you buy a physical copy of other books in the series or would you buy them all? Do you pay good money for hardcovers only or are you a penny pincher with mass market paperbacks or used books everywhere? Or are you somewhere in between.


I’m really not all that concerned about having perfect copies of books or have all books look the same. If there’s a cover change, it’s rare that I’ll rebuy the same book just to have it match. If I own some hardcovers, some paperbacks, and some mass market paperbacks all in the same series or by the same author, it doesn’t bother me. I feel like I try to get the best bang for my buck, so I’m rarely going to go out and buy multiple copies of the same book for matching or just to have a whole set. I make some exceptions for Kindle books.


I have opted to buy a series I already have on Kindle just to own it in paperback/hardcover. If the series is still going and the Kindle books are full price, sometimes I feel like there’s no incentive to keep buying digital copies for the same price as a paperback. For a few bucks more or the same price, I could own them outright and see them everyday. However, I do have a series that is mostly in physical form and one lonely book in the series is on Kindle because I couldn’t wait for shipping at the time I bought it. It doesn’t seem to bother me that I’m basically missing a book on my shelf, but I don’t know why.

Mostly, I prefer owning a physical book, but I utilize my Kindle frequently because sometimes it’s more cost effective and other times, I’d rather not lug around a giant book or a book with an embarrassing title or cover. It really only  bothers me to have Kindle books over a physical book when I buy a book on Kindle because it’s on sale and then it ends up being one of my favorite series and I don’t actually have physical copies. (Throne of Glass, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Grisha Trilogy.. these are just a few books I wish I had on my shelf.)

Do you care about having books in different formats? Do you only read certain books digitally? Do you mix it up like I do and take advantage of any kind of sales (digital or bargain physical books)?


I like to keep series in either physical book form or ebook form. Sometimes, I’ll buy physical copies of series I love just so I can see them on my shelf, but I won’t necessarily do this for all of my favorite series. I think I just look for a good deal on paperbacks and then consider buying it.


Overall, I’m a book nerd on a budget. I spend lots of money on books, but I want to make it stretch because I’m a super fast reader. I have to utilize the library often, I get some books through blogging or places like NetGalley, but the majority of the books I read and review are books I have to pay for. And I think my shelves (and kindle) reflect that. I have lots of paperbacks. Lots of used books. And lots of 1.99 and 2.99 sales of regularly 9.99 or 10.99 books on Kindle. I’ll wait for bargains and sales often, but I’m not so broke or money conscious that ALL of my books are on sale. I splurge on things when I just can’t help it or when the book is just SO PRETTY! I do like how books look visually on my shelf, but I also don’t mind grabbing a slightly ratty, but insanely cheap paperback of a book at a random store just to read a good story. I feel like my reading habits are a mess of contradictions.


I have to admit, I’m not a collector, so it just boggles me that people have multiple physical copies of the same book. My logic is that I love to read and if I have money to spend on books, I’m going to buy books I haven’t read. Why would I spend it on a nice copy of a book I’ve already read AND own? But I realize that some readers are ALSO collectors, and that’s fine.. it’s just.. not me at all! (I also don’t reread often, so it’s like a bit of a waste to buy books I already own unless it’s a series I’m going to reread before the next book comes out or something I’ll definitely reread or love so much I can’t help it.)


What about you? Do you have more than 1 copy of the same book? Do you make sure your series match? Are you picky about how you own a book and what format it’s in?



2016 Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight




5 thoughts on “Discussion – Book Habits

  1. Interesting! I’m also on a budget. I prefer hardcovers because they don’t fall apart as easily as paperbacks, but I buy whichever type of book is cheapest. I’m not a huge fan of ebooks, though. I only buy those if they’re way cheaper than the paperback.


  2. I never even knew that having to have covers match was a thing until I started reading some YA book blogs. It blows my mind. I’m a library girl. I don’t like owning paper books that I’m not going to read over and over. Most books I buy are ebooks so I don’t have the clutter.


  3. I collect certain books, if that makes sense. I can read all I want but there are only certain few that I want to have forever and ever in physical form. I have loads on my kindle and there are some I’d rather in physical form but due to finances I can’t always purchase them right around in any other format. If a book or a series is my favorite, I’ll keep it, otherwise I give it away or sell it to someone who wants it.


  4. I used to not care AT ALL about my books matching or having them in the same format, but I must admit that lately I’ve gotten a little pickier about it – especially if it’s a series I really love. I’m with you on owning multiple copies of the same book, though – I always point those people out to my husband so he knows there are people way crazier than I am when it comes to buying books! LOL!


  5. Pre-blogging, matching sets and all that didn’t matter to me. However, post-blogging, format does matter to me, to an extent. I am a bookworm on a budget as well, so I try to check books out at the library or by cheap eBooks. However, when if I have $20, I think I’d rather buy one hardcover, over two hardbacks. I don’t buy books to often but when I do, I have noticed that trend lately.


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