Review – Evil at Heart (Gretchen Lowell #3) by Chelsea Cain


Evil at Heart (Gretchen Lowell #3)

by Chelsea Cain

Summary: Gretchen Lowell is still on the loose.
These days, she’s more of a cause célèbre than a feared killer, thanks to sensationalist news coverage that has made her a star. Her face graces magazine covers and there have been sightings of her around the world. Most shocking of all, Portland Herald reporter Susan Ward has uncovered a bizarre fan club that celebrates the number of days she’s been free.
Archie Sheridan hunted Gretchen for a decade, and after his last ploy to catch her went spectacularly wrong, he remains hospitalized months later. When they last spoke, they entered a détente of sorts—Archie agreed not to kill himself if she agreed not to kill anyone else.
But when a new body is found accompanied by Gretchen’s trademark heart, all bets are off and Archie is forced back into action. Has the Beauty Killer returned to her gruesome ways, or has the cult surrounding her created a whole new evil?

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It took me over a year to finally pick this series back up. I liked the first two books, but I just wasn’t as into the characters as I wanted to be. However, the mood for Chelsea Cain struck me and I decided to finally pick this up. And from a fresh perspective, I realized just how much I loved Archie Sheridan, Susan Ward, Henry, and.. you guessed it.. even Gretchen.

I really enjoyed Evil at Heart. Gretchen was loose and there was someone killing people around Portland. But instead of being horrified, the media was just eating it up! There were Beauty Killer wannabes, fan clubs, and Gretchen’s gorgeous face was plastered everywhere. Archie was vacationing in a psych hospital to keep himself safe, off of the painkillers, and away from his family. He knew Gretchen would try to hurt him/get close to him/contact him. However, once the bodies started showing up, he teamed up with Henry to get to the bottom of it.

I loved the plot and the way the book dealt with Gretchen’s fame, her strange relationship with Archie, and even her past victims. I loved how it all played out and I couldn’t wait to pick up the next book.

I definitely recommend the series. It’s different from so many other serial killer books, cop dramas, and thrillers because it’s just not at all predictable.





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