Review – Choke by Chuck Palahniuk



by Chuck Palahniuk

Summary: Victor Mancini, a medical-school dropout, is an antihero for our deranged times. Needing to pay elder care for his mother, Victor has devised an ingenious scam: he pretends to choke on pieces of food while dining in upscale restaurants. He then allows himself to be “saved” by fellow patrons who, feeling responsible for Victor’s life, go on to send checks to support him. When he’s not pulling this stunt, Victor cruises sexual addiction recovery workshops for action, visits his addled mom, and spends his days working at a colonial theme park. His creator, Chuck Palahniuk, is the visionary we need and the satirist we deserve.

Source: I purchased a paperback.

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Choke was weird. In a Chuck Palahniuk book kind of way, which only makes sense if you’ve read one of his books. I enjoyed it.. I think. To be fair, I always compare all of his books to Fight Club and they just won’t ever be nearly as good or as hard hitting to me, so it’s difficult to review his books.. especially the ones that are funnier.

I mean, what am I really reviewing anyway? It’s not like a regular book, none of them are. To me, this book didn’t have nearly as many “lessons” or points about life as some of my favorite books of his do, so I found it slightly disappointing, and the sex addict support group only reminded me of Fight Club, which also made the book slightly disappointing.

In a way, the book was exactly like the beginning told me it would be, which reminds that my expectations were way off. This wasn’t: “This is your life and its ending one moment at a time.” It was:” If you’re going to read this, don’t bother.
After a couple pages, you won’t want to be here. So forget it. Go away. Get out while you’re still in one piece. Save yourself.”

If you’re a Chuck Palahniuk fan, it’s a great book. You’ll laugh, cringe, and totally understand what’s going on and why. If you’re not a fan, I don’t know how to explain anything and I’m afraid you’ll just think I’m weird for liking him if you read anything of his, so.. what am I really reviewing?





One thought on “Review – Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

  1. I’ve read a few Chuck Palahniuk books, and I have a bunch more sitting on my TBR shelf. His books have been hit or miss for me. I love some of them, but others are just weird.


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