Review – The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1) by Tarryn Fisher


The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1)

by Tarryn Fisher

Summary: Olivia Kaspen is a sharp tongued manipulator used to always getting what she wants. With just one exception-Caleb Drake, the one she foolishly let slip away. After a chance encounter brings Caleb back into her life, Olivia finds herself wanting a second chance with her first love, and asking herself how far she is willing to go to get him back. Her only problem is a red head named Leah, Caleb’s new love. Olivia must fight for what was once hers, and in the process discover that sometimes love falls short of redemption.

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I have been wanting to read another Tarryn Fisher book for awhile. Colleen Hoover is my lady for awesome punch-you-in-the-face romances, and I know that Tarryn is a good friend and equally talented author. I read Mud Vein and I liked it.. but it was just so dark and unbelievable when I expected something different. I decided to check out another book and see how I felt.

There’s no doubt about it. Tarryn Fisher can write. Man, can she write. I liked The Opportunist a lot and I was sucked in very quickly. I loved the characters. Caleb seemed like the perfect guy and he stole my heart… and Olivia just pushed him away when she loved him too much, but I totally understood her reasoning, too. I liked the push and pull and the second chance. I loved most of the book and the way I got both the present story and the one from the past at the same time.

However, the events near the end kind of made me withdraw. It’s not that the ending wasn’t great. It totally was. I was frustrated that the characters did their push pull thing like 20 million more times than I expected and my brain just wouldn’t let Olivia move on after I noticed subtle clues and thought maybe Caleb would just track her down, so it became less believable to me at that point with the whole case. And that’s kind of what happened to me in Mud Vein. It was like the story reached this level where it went from believable and engrossing to my brain going Hey, wait a second, this seems a little far fetched, and then I’m snapped out of it. I was pulled back in, fortunately, but it still bothered me.

I think I just need to expect a little bit of unreality when I read her books, even though they are contemporary, in order to be drawn in the entire time.

Me: I love second chance romances and I love when things aren’t perfect. I even like not so happy endings.

Tarryn Fisher: Are you sure? Do you REALLY mean that? *writes books* *laughs maniacally*

Me: *reads in anguish* *hates the agony* *wishes for stars and rainbows*

With that being said, I loved the characters and the story enough to buy a bunch more of her books, so I definitely recommend it.



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