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Ten Reasons I Love My Favorite Genre

Well.. this is hard. Because I have so many different genres I love… I suppose I’ll choose Fantasy.

I love fantasy because:

  • I love escaping into a world unlike my own. Reality is great for me. I don’t read to escape my troubles, I would rather dive into a world with some conflicts.
  • I love the depth of fantasy. The author can’t just throw some characters together. He or she must create an entire world with it’s own issues, conflicts, and people.. and THEN create complex characters to put in the world. It’s so much more in depth than stories that take place in the real world.
  • I love the real world parallels. Non-fantasy readers just don’t understand what the connection is. What do dragons and elves have to do with anything of substance? But fantasy readers know that Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts or Bilbo’s trek through the Mountains changed them, molded them, and they learned lessons that we can also learn by following them. The conflicts are often similar to those of the wars we fight in real life, whether as a society or as individuals. I learned some of my best lessons from fantasy.
  • I love the culture. Fantasy stories differ in the types of worlds they are, but each one has their own backstories. What legends are told around a campfire? What religions were created? What magic has shaped their world? I love hearing the backstories.
  • I love the possibilities. We are grounded by reality. But what if there was more? What if all we ever dreamed of was possible? I love having the world as I know it opened up for me.
  • I love the adventure. Sure, stories placed in the real world are full of adventure, too. But.. dragons > cars. Adding in magic or even just taking away the technology we are so used to makes each adventure more interesting.
  • I love the villains. While there are many things that motivate people to do evil, even in the real world, the addition of magic or otherworldly objects, forces, beings, etc creates villains who seek a power unlike money or fame. It shapes them into different people. sometimes by accident. I’m intrigued by all villains, but fantasy novels usually have some pretty unique ones.
  • I love the elements. We are detached from the earth in today’s world. Unless I’m reading something historical or some story about someone leaving society to go find themselves in the wilderness, real life stories don’t often involve nature. Fantasy novels almost always do to some degree. The weather affects their travels. Maybe the earth is a true force. Or maybe the characters just realize they are part of something bigger than themselves, which is great. It gets too hippy for me when stories do that in the real world.
  • I love the characters. I can find great characters in most genres, but an author who takes time to build a true fantasy world will likely build strong and developed characters, too.
  • I love the length. Often, fantasy novels are longer. They include so much information since the author has to build an entire universe. As a quick reader, contemporary books are quick for me and often forgettable since I read so many for such a short time. I spend more time in a fantasy novel and maybe that’s why I remember them so much better.

What is your favorite genre?

I prefer:





6 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday – Fave Genre

  1. Wonderful post Megan! These are all reasons I love fantasy as well, especially the possibilities for escape and imagination 🙂 Hm, I’m not sure I have a favorite genre though but maybe in general, I do love the escapist quality of books – whatever is going on in my life, a book will always make me feel better 🙂


  2. Amazing post, Megan! Although I read mostly contemporary books and am still loyal to contemporaries, I am slowly starting to love fantasy books, especially when the writing gives justice to the world. New follower via Bloglovin’! 🙂

    My F&F


  3. I also struggled to pick a favorite genre, and ended up picking fantasy. We listed some similar reasons, but the villains is a great one. No other genre typically comes close to creating baddies like you find in fantasy. New follower via email!


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