Top Ten Tuesday – Love


Top Ten Tuesday
hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Eight Reasons I Love #Bookstagram


It is different. I am a wordy person, which is why I’m hardly ever on Twitter. Being a part of the Bookstagram Instagram community has taught me how to capture a feeling or thought in one picture. It offsets my lengthy reviews.

It is a big community. I thought I’d be limited to blogging and maybe Twitter, but the Instagram book community is HUGE!

Photo a Day Challenges. I LOVE doing the photo a day posts because it challenges me to come up with a cool picture that fits the prompt in whatever way I interpret it.

It’s easy to navigate. Book blogging is awesome, but some websites are hard to navigate. Sometimes I have NO idea where people put their follow buttons. Searching for posts about something similar is hard to do. Different blogs go on different readers. Instagram utilizes hashtags which take me directly to a slew of pictures using the same hashtags, opening up my ability to find and follow bookish people.

It’s pretty. While blogs show their creativity in their layouts and HTML and even the way they format posts and the memes they participate in, I love that Instagram is all pictures. I love seeing how people interpret photo challenge prompts and the beautiful ways they highlight their favorite books.

It helps writer’s block. When I’m not writing a review or participating in a meme, what on EARTH am I going to write about? Instagram is like that fun side hobby that requires no words. I am still challenged because I prefer words over pictures, but it’s easier to snap a cool picture sometimes instead of trying to word something the way I want or come up with an issue.

No drama. Now, that’s not always true, but since pictures are the focal point, sometimes I disregard captions altogether. Sometimes, bookstagrammers are dramatic, but I just don’t participate and the picture posted rarely has anything to do with the drama in the caption, so it’s easy to avoid. (Unlike Twitter, where I feel drama regarding authors and bloggers and everything is just right there, front row.)

On the go. Now that I’ve switched to WordPress, it’s much easier to blog on the go, but I’m still very picky about my layouts and I find it’s still easier to post from my laptop. I feel like using Instagram to participate in bookish activities is easier to do when I don’t feel like pulling out the laptop and writing.


What did you pick for today’s prompt?





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