Top Ten Tuesday – Me


Top Ten Tuesday
hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Facts About Me




  1. I am 28. I know I read and enjoy a lot of YA, but I’m definitely outside the target age group.
  2. I’m married to a sailor who is also my best friend.
  3. I’ve been married 10 years! This past April was our 10 year anniversary.
  4. I have always loved to read. I grew up reading and having my parents read to me and I’ve identified with characters and read for fun ever since I could.
  5. I review just about everything I read. It makes blogging easier so I don’t have books I have to review and books I can read for fun. I just write a review for everything. It makes it feel less like work.
  6. I buy most of the books I review. If I was more involved, I could probably get more ARCs. But publishers have sent me books without actually responding to requests and that’s a problem when I move so much (if there’s no correspondence, how do I let them know I’m moving?) Also, I’m out of the loop a lot. I used to get ARC/New Release envy and I just had to back off and do my own thing. Netgalley is the only real way I get ARCs these days.
  7. I’d rather read physical books. I know I need to cut back on physical book buying and buy more kindle books, but I just can’t when the price is similar. Physical books are still my preferred method because when I want to read something, I’d rather scan my shelves then my kindle. I’m such a visual person.
  8. I move a lot. Hence why I need to cut down on book buying. Military life means constant moving (at least for us, it seems) and books get heavy!
  9. I don’t have kids OR pets. I know it sounds weird. I don’t live near family, either. It’s just me, my husband, and our hobbies. I like life that way, but I think makes other people nervous to have nothing to take care of.
  10. Reading is my solace. I was an only child for much of my life. It helped me learn to be alone, as I was also shy and introverted. Reading is my go to activity to combat boredom and loneliness and it works quite well for me.


What about you?


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Me

  1. I feel ya on physical books. I’ve tried to switch to a tablet, but it just doesn’t stick.
    Also Congrats on ten years! My TTT:


  2. Congrats on 10 years! Wow. I prefer physical books too, it just feels more tangible. But if you’re moving a lot, won’t ebooks be preferred over cutting down book buying?


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