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It ain’t easy being green (things I’m jealous about)

I am typically not a jealous person and I am fortunate enough to have most of the things I could want.

Book Related: I always wish I was a bigger blogger and had access to the stacks of ARCs I see bloggers with, but I realize that I don’t want the pressure of blogging like that and constantly having to blog and read and blog and read.. I don’t see how they have much time for anything else. 

Not Book Related: I am a little bit jealous of other people’s weather right now. I’m spending my first summer in New England, which I was super excited about after having moved here in the fall. Fall was the PERFECT thing here and I kept hearing about how amazing the summers were. I’m originally from the southeast (in various places) where it’s hot and humid, so I was expecting cool and breezy summers. It IS relatively cool and breezy, but no one warned me about the 95% humidity and the lack of A/C everywhere (including the home I’m renting). I think I actually hate summer here. It’s humid down south, but A/C is a way of life. There have even been days here where it’s barely 70 degrees (so quite cool), but my hair is frizzy and I’m sticky from the humidity. I’m still trying to get used to utilizing fans and opening windows… My house hasn’t been warmer than 75 degrees so I’m definitely not suffering, but it’s just weird not to have A/C and still experience warm summer days outside. After spending Memorial Day weekend in Arizona with my dad (for the first time ever), I’m super jealous of the lack of humidity I experienced there. I’m trying to stay positive… This may likely be the only summer I spend here and I should be thankful that winter was so mild!

What are you jealous about?


One thought on “Beyond The Books – Green with Envy

  1. I recently moved to New England myself (CT from FL). I have been bitching about people not having a/c here for about a month. Lol! It was not this hot last year, I can tell you that. I think it is warmer everywhere due to global warming this year. That is what people keep telling me. It is barbaric to not have a/c if summers are always this hot.


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