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This week’s topic:

My Relationship With Social Media

So, I’ve shared often that I’m a huge fan of Instagram and the book community there and I’m super active in the #bookstagram community and do photo a day prompts and what not. So my Instagram is definitely more of my bookish area that relates to my blog. Twitter is as well, but I’ll be honest and say I rarely tweet because I’m long winded and I think it’s just chaotic and not my thing. My Twitter is really only active because I share my Instagram posts to it.

I have a Facebook page for my blog, but we all know how Facebook likes to mess up who sees your page, so it’s not a very promising place. I basically just share some of my Bookstagram photos to it so I can save them somewhere outside of my phone. My blog posts to it, too.

I’m mostly on Facebook as my regular self. I’m still bookish because that’s just kind of who I am, but that’s also where I’m me and where I talk to friends and family. I’m in my late twenties, so I think Facebook is more geared towards us older people and almost everyone I know is on it.

I don’t really use any other methods of social media. I know Snapchat is a thing, but I have never tried to use it because I don’t know how it works? I feel like maybe you send a snapchat to a person and not to a feed like with Instagram, so I think that’s why I’ve never used it. I don’t even use Facebook Chat often. I’m more of a comment on something and I’ll respond when I’m ready kind of social media person. 

I don’t use video things like YouTube or Vine unless I’m just spectating. I do not like to be in videos. I think I’m much better on paper and I tend to talk with my hands and make weird expressions. I mean, I work in customer service and I do presentations to groups of people, but it’s still something that is difficult for me, so recording myself is just NOT a thing I would do for fun. 

I love the idea of social media, even if I think people spread a lot of ignorance on it. It will forever astound me how people can be two clicks away from an answer, but share incorrect information or ask easy to answer questions on social media when typing that same thing into Google would provide an immediate correct answer. But I love how easy it is to stay in touch these days, even when you’re not directly talking to people. As a military spouse, I move A LOT and I have friends who do the same. My family is just as scattered as my friends are, so social media allows me to stay in touch. It’s a huge part of my life!

What types of social media do you use? 


2 thoughts on “Beyond The Books – Social Media

  1. My personal Facebook has almost no bookish stuff on it because my IRL friends don’t care about it, and the other bloggers and authors I have friended can see my bookish things on Twitter and Tumblr. I like being able to keep in touch with my old college and high school buddies and embarrass my son. Ha ha. I have separate book blog and personal Twitter accounts. I hate it when bloggers tweet about their personal life more than books and don’t want to be like that. πŸ™‚


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