July Owlcrate Unboxing

July’s Owlcrate theme was Good vs Evil

While both boxes had the same book, they contained different items depending on whether you received a good or evil box. I was really hoping for an evil box because that’s just who I am as a person, but somehow, I knew I’d get good. I’m glad I kind of expected it because I mentally prepared myself and I wasn’t disappointed.

I am also glad I looked at the newest releases and, through the hints Owlcrate gave, I suspected what the book would be and I REALLY wanted it. I loved the items and I’m glad that they picked some of the Good characters and themes I actually enjoy from the few stories that have villains I don’t root for. Of all the good guys to get, I’m perfectly happy with what I got!


So what exactly came in my box?


The Goods of the Good Box:



  • A Luna Lovegood Pop vinyl (how did they know that’s the one I didn’t have?)
  • A Millenium Falcon necklace by Vector Engraving
  • An Alice in Wonderland magnetic bookmark by Jane’s Tiny Things
  • A quote sticker from Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (which I haven’t read and apparently need to) handmade by Drop and Give Me Nerdy
  • A YA cover coloring book (which seems super awesome!)
  • This Savage Song with signed bookplate by Victoria Schwab

I’m really happy with this box and it was exactly what I needed after the last box contained stuff I didn’t like as much as I liked my Uppercase box with the same book. I told myself if it didn’t have This Savage Song after all those monster hints, I would cancel and switch to Uppercase (cuz I’m still super torn between these two and I figured that was a good deciding factor lol). So, Owlcrate keeps me! They really do impress me with their boxes time and time again and I find accessories I never would have imagined exist. I am going to nerd out so hard in my Millenium Falcon necklace! Owlcrate has wowed me with this Good box. I thought Good would be full of stuff I wouldn’t like.

Next month’s theme will be Fast Times at YA High with an Eleanor and Park themed piece of jewelry.


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