Feature and Follow Friday – DNF


Feature and Follow Friday
hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee

This week’s prompt:

What is your take on DNF books. Do you review them? Choose not to review them?




It depends.

Most of the books I read are books I bought or borrowed from the library. Aside from the few ARCs from Netgalley, it’s not usual that I’m reading an ARC and am necessarily expected to review it.

If I’m reading a book and I don’t really care for it, but I feel like maybe it’s just me and I might pick it up later, I shelve it under maybe and don’t really classify it as a DNF book. For example, I currently have Passenger by Alexandra Bracken on that list. I couldn’t get through it. I feel bad that I didn’t have a review ready close to release since it was from Netgalley, but I think perhaps my expectations weren’t in the right place, so I’ll pick it up when I’m ready.

If I do read a book and it’s just absolutely awful and I can’t get through it and don’t believe it’s me or my mood, I do typically review it. I’m a person that also writes negative reviews though. And in this situation, it’s probably a writing/grammar issue. If it’s a plot or story issue, I would probably continue just to see if the ending redeemed the book. No ending will fix a major issue I’m having with the writing or the grammar, so I feel like it’s fair game to review it.



I honestly try to be fair in any DNF or negative reviews because I know authors rely on reviews, especially when it comes to indie books, but I don’t feel like it’s okay to censor my thoughts just because it might have a bigger impact to the book sales than my scathing review of a bestseller. But I’m not reading indie books very often, so it’s not really something I worry too much about anymore.



How do you feel about reviewing DNFs?



9 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday – DNF

  1. I’m with you when it comes to books that aren’t working at the time (I’ll set them aside and come back to them instead of automatically DNF-ing). Definitely agree with the no-bashing. It’s not hard to offer thoughts while at the same time remaining civilized and polite. The authors do put a lot of time into the books and they deserve respect for that, and not every book is for everyone. Great post!

    Have a good weekend and happy reading!


  2. I like how you phrased that last part – being fair in DNFs. I feel like there is this perception that 1 star books and DNFs get completely trashed reviews while 5 star books get the most glowing reviews. That can be true sometimes, but not all the time. I am honest and fair in all of my reviews, whether the lowest of the low or a 5 star. I’ve only DNFed 4 books since I started blogging, and I did write reviews for them. I really push myself to finish books even if I’m not 100% invested in them, or even 50%. My standard is I have to read to at least the 40% mark in a book, and if I absolutely cannot continue, I’m good with that. Either way, whether I go on and finish or stop there, I write a review that is just like a 5 star review. I include what I liked about the book, and the reasons I just couldn’t keep reading. Even with my 4 and 5 star reviews I point out things that just didn’t seem realistic or things that bothered me. Both ways, they are honest and fair.


  3. I didn’t even think about “try again later” books–I rarely have them anymore, because most of the books I’ve been reading are books I’ve agreed to review, from places like Netgalley or for the various book tour companies. However, if I’m reading for pleasure, and I would really like to finish a book, but it’s just not grabbing me right now, I’ll shelve it as to-read later.

    Already following! 🙂
    Bloodthirsty Muses


  4. Funny, I’ve seen Passenger a few times and debated back and forth about getting it. I was concerned bc the reviews were mixed but the story seemed interested. Glad I passed on it. I hate not finishing books but I’ve also accepted that there are some books that I am just not going to like. I do my best to finish ARC books and NetGalley books but if it is just a book I bought or borrowed, I don’t worry about it as much.
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    Laura 🙂
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  5. I DNF books very rarely. I don’t often review them unless I’m obligated to then I try to share it in private with the person I have the agreement with. Following on Twitter!


  6. I think I’ve only reviewed a couple of books that I didn’t finish. Each time I was honest about it and added that it wasn’t really something that interested me. I also tried to find something good to say about the book – it was written well or that I knew someone who would really like it and that I could pass it on to. I also want to be fair to the author, but I want to be integral about it all as well.

    I have number of books I haven’t been able to finish, mainly because I can’t get through them and have something else I’d really like to read instead. Sometimes I’ll come back to a book I put down months, or even years, ago and start reading it again, finding that the time is right and am able to finish it. My worst habit is having too many books on the go at any time.


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