Wreck This Journal – Pages 140-143: Angry, Left Hand

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Pages 140-141

fill in this page when you are really angry.

“I can be most colorful and inventive when I’m angry.” Christopher Moore

“The anger welled inside me, with nowhere to go. I could feel it eating away at me. I knew if I didn’t find a way to release it, it would destroy me.” Kami Garcia

“‘I get that you’re angry-,’ said Patch. ‘I am ripped apart!’ I shouted.” Becca Fitzpatrick

“I was amazed at how strong women were when they were angry.” Robin Hobb

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Pages 142-143

Write or draw with your left hand.

Oh. My. Gosh. That was so hard and it looks like a kindergartner did it even after I “polished” it up with my right hand again.

I tried to find quotes that conveyed how hands either do their own thing or betray us, because that’s how I felt when I was trying to draw with my left hand. I knew what I wanted and my right hand was twitching because it knew how to execute it, but my left hand just shook and scribbled. It was such a weird experience.

“Behold the hands, how they promise, conjure, appeal, menace…”

“These are Tyler’s words coming out of my mouth. I am Tyler’s mouth. I am Tyler’s hands.” Fight Club

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2 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal – Pages 140-143: Angry, Left Hand

    • Thanks!! It is such a great stress reliever and I love sharing on the blog. 👍 it’s good to know other people enjoy seeing it. Once I finish, I hope to do a giant recap. And maybe try the author’s other journals.


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