Feature and Follow Friday – Audiobooks


Feature and Follow Friday

Hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee

This week’s prompt:

Do you listen to audiobooks? Who are your favorite narrators? (If not an audiobook listener – why don’t you listen to audiobooks?)


I do NOT listen to audiobooks. 

I’ve tried a couple of times and I’ve discovered that I’m visual and not auditory and I will totally tune out the entire thing even if I’m staring at nothing, trying to read along, or even if I’m driving. 

I loved the narrator of the Harry Potter books and I also enjoyed Will Patton’s narration of The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Those are the only two books I’ve attempted to listen to. 

I wish I could listen while I do things like drive or work out, but I just can’t. I get nothing out of it and retain nothing. While I did listen to both books after reading them, I still retained very little and didn’t feel like I’d reread it at all. Sometimes I wonder if I zoned out because I already knew what the narrator would say… So maybe I just need to try a new book I haven’t previously read. But they are so expensive and I feel like it’s not worth it to try when part of it is just me and how I retain information. 

I feel like I’m missing out on multitasking and having something to do when I drive places or walk, but they just don’t work for me, at least from what I’ve experienced. I can reread a book a million times without any issues, so I just feel like if audiobooks worked for me, it wouldn’t matter if I had read the book before or not.


Do you like audiobooks?

Do you have the same issues I do? 


Be sure to leave a comment so I can follow you back!



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