Top Ten Tuesday – TV


Top Ten Tuesday
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Top Ten TV Shows People Keep Telling Me to Watch 

I keep up with a lot of awesome shows (Game of Thrones American Horror Story, The 100, etc), but sometimes I can’t predict whether a show will be worth watching or I have no way to watch when it’s live. Despite watching a lot of awesome stuff, I still find people that tell me “OMG! You HAVE to watch this! I can’t believe you’ve never seen it.” 

The Shows I’ve Finally Started Watching 

1. Supernatural. I just started watching at the beginning of the year. I’m on season 7 now.

2. Dexter. I am almost done with season 7, so I’m almost done with the show. It’s good, but not I’m-willing-to-pay-for-Showtime good, so I’m glad I never watched it while it was on.

3. Penny Dreadful. I didn’t even know the show existed and it’s all things horror that I love. I’m halfway through season 1. (UPDATE: I devoured this show over the last few weeks, finishing 1 and 2 and then starting 3 on Amazon Prime and finishing it within 2 days. I was hooked!)


The Shows I Still Haven’t Watched Yet (but plan to)

1. Stranger Things on Netflix. I promise I really want to watch it, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet and I want to wait for my husband to get home to start it. 

2. 11/22/63. Let me admit something… I can’t stand James Franco. I know he’s a good actor. But I feel like he’s arrogant and annoying and so when he kills it in a role, I still hate him. But I LOVED the book, so I know I’ll watch this soon.

3. Breaking Bad. I never watched the show and yet I’ve heard how great it was. I probably need to start watching it. 

4. Grimm. I feel like I might enjoy it?

5. Arrested Development. My dad really thinks it’s funny and we have a similar sense of humor.

6. Sense8. It’s science fiction, so I probably just need to watch it. I’m not sure if I will. 

7. Firefly. I have seen a couple of episodes and I feel like I would enjoy it if I committed to watching it. I’m going to start it next, I think. 



What shows do people often recommend to you?



6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – TV

  1. Okay, I am totally biased as Arrested Development is one my favourites, but I highly recommend it 😉 Stranger Things and Supernatural look so good. Bonus with Supernatural is that are so many seasons to catch-up on if you start it and like it! 🙂


  2. Arrested Development is a great show, although I didn’t really like the last season. I’d definitely recommend the rest of the show though.
    I just started watching Stranger Things last night. I only watched one episode, but so far it’s pretty good.


  3. Hey! I really enjoyed Sense8. I’ve been a loyal Supernatural fan but I do believe after so many seasons they start to get creative in their writing, I’m curious what you’ll think of it. Parks & Rec is a recommendation that I can’t get into, I’m a fan of The Office so it feels like a knockoff, I’ve tried. Also humor isn’t something I’m naturally drawn to anyway. Can’t wait to get your feedback on the shows!


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