Feature and Follow Friday – Things Change



Feature and Follow Friday
hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

This week’s prompt:

Have you ever disliked or felt “meh” about a book only to later change your mind and love it?


Some examples:

I didn’t care for 1984 by George Orwell in school, but loved it later as an adult.

I only gave 3 stars to The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, but it’s a 5 star book in my mind when I think back on it.

I don’t think I rated Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children very high, but something tells me I’ll enjoy it much more when I go to reread it. 


What makes being a book blogger difficult is that my enjoyment of a book can be dependent on so many factors outside of the actual book… 

I might not be in the mood for a book and can rate it low only to pick it up later and be blown away. Or perhaps I like a book later when I’ve had time to reflect on it a little bit more. Sometimes I love a book, only to look back and wonder why I was so engrossed in something that really wasn’t that good. Things change all of the time and my mood definitely has an impact on my reading. Also, sometimes books lead me to other books and I as I explore a genre further, I realize how that first book that got me into it wasn’t as good in retrospect now that I’m more exposed to that genre.

I think the 5 star favorites of mine end up staying the same over time (so long as I didn’t just impulse rate something 5 stars) and the books I absolutely couldn’t stand will likely continue to be books I don’t like (unless I was being super impulsive), but it’s much murkier in the 2-4 star range. Maybe what pulls me in one day doesn’t work the next. Going through my Goodreads list and looking my ratings was a strange experience because I didn’t agree with some of my own ratings in some cases. 

Do you change your mind about books often?


4 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday – Things Change

  1. I’m a mood reader as well. Because of this I sometimes like books more upon reflection. This is part of the reason why I hardly ever DNfF a book too. Have a fabulous weekend!


  2. I don’t change my mind on the rating I give on books I’ve read very often. If it’s a 4-5 star I’ll read it again to get the vibe for the next release. New follower WordPress.


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