Mini Reviews – SHTF and Run (NOLA Zombies) by Gillian Zane

SHTF (NOLA Zombies #0.5)

By Gillian Zane

SummaryAn action-packed prequel to the Amazon bestselling NOLA Zombie series. This isn’t a romance…there aren’t any happily-ever-afters, this is just Romeo’s fight for survival and how he became a NOLA Survivor. 

It’s Friday night in New Orleans and Tim “Romeo” Voiter has the night off. A night of rest and relaxation is something new for the former Marine, and he’s looking forward to enjoying a fun night out with his buddy, Lucas Martinez. The two men try to ignore the emergency broadcasts and news about the spreading iKPV virus and just enjoy the evening. Romeo, true to his name, even hooks up with a hot redhead and plans on ending the evening at her place. 

Plans come crashing down, though, as he comes face to face with what the iKPV infected really looks like–and it is not like any infection he’s encountered before. Knowing the media is sugarcoating the virus and things are about to get a lot worse in his city, Romeo talks his family into leaving their urban home and bugging out to a more secluded and secure area; the compound his employers own at the edge of the city, deep in the marsh that surrounds New Orleans. But, as the infection spreads and New Orleans begins to fall under the chaos of victims gone made with the virus, Romeo begins to realize that the “stuff” has hit the fan in New Orleans and things will never be the same for the Voiters.

Source: I purchased a Kindle copy.

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Gillian Zane is also a prominent book blogger that I respect. I knew if I was going read any indie book, one by her wouldn’t be riddled with errors and plot holes because she frequently speaks out about those kinds of issues. I started with the prequel so that I could hit my category in the 2016 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge for reading a book and it’s prequel.

SHTF (Shit Hit the Fan) featured a male protagonist and former Marine, Tim “Romeo” Voiter at the beginning of what appears to be the zombie apocalypse. The book was short and sweet, with Romeo meeting a woman, protecting an actress as part of his job as a bodyguard, and attempting to get the people he cares about to safety while the government tries to play down the whole zombie apocalypse thing.

Aside from Tim’s little sister grating on my nerves, the book was great. It was fun and full of suspense as the characters dealt with impending doom and a packed Costco full of infected. It was fast paced and I certainly picked up the next book. I’m glad not all of the books are from Romeo’s perspective as I would prefer to be in a girl’s head for whatever reason, but he was likable and a bit fun as a narrator.

Star 4



Run (NOLA Zombies #1)

By Gillian Zane

SummaryZombies are on the loose in New Orleans and of all the End of the World scenarios, Alexis Winter wasn’t prepared for this one. But, an apocalypse is an apocalypse and she should have this covered. She has been “prepping” for the last three years. The problem is location and timing. She’s stuck downtown and she has to get to her house on the outskirts of the city so she can get her supplies and bug-in (for the “non-preppers” this means hole up and stay safe).

Agreeing to work on a Saturday is now coming back to bite her on the ass big time. Hopefully, it won’t be a literal bite by the walking dead.

Luck favors the prepared, and as luck would have it, it comes in the form of the ridiculously hot Blake Miller. Former military man, current mercenary, Blake Miller, the man with the plan, his goal: steal a boat and trek up the Mississippi until they find safety. Alexis thinks this is a great plan and she decides to team up with Blake. The two team up in unexpected ways as they find they can’t keep their hands off of each other even when the world is falling down around them.

Can Alexis and Blake survive the end of the world, and if they do make it through the night, find a place that is safe and secure? Can their newfound attraction lead them down the road to love or heartbreak?

Zombies, sex, romance and carnage…you can’t get any better than this.

Source: I purchased a Kindle copy.

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Run is the first book in the NOLA Zombie series and it began with Alexis at work when she realized something was definitely going down. She was a bit of a prepper, so she knew she had to get home and get her supplies to deal with whatever strange thing was happening. She ran into Blake, a former military guy who had a plan of his own. They had one major thing in commons: the will to survive. So they teamed up and realized sparks were definitely flying.

The book is definitely more romance than zombie horror, but I think that’s to be expected when even the synopsis mentions “Zombies, sex, romance, and carnage…” Still, I think the book did a great job balancing the gruesome zombie killing with the graphic sex. Blake and Alexis did kind of fall into bed, but I think that’s also to be expected.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and I will likely continue the series at some point. It’s short and fun and definitely steamy. 

Run was what Red Hill by Jamie McGuire wasn’t and I’m glad at least someone combined romance and horror in a way that works!

Star 4 


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