Feature and Follow Friday – TBR Pile


Feature and Follow Friday

Hosted by Parajunkee

This week’s prompt:

Show Us Your TBR Pile

 This is embarrassing. This picture doesn’t even have at least 10 other TBR books AND it’s missing all of my YA books and obviously it’s not showing my Kindle TBR. And there are still way too many books on that shelf!



Do you have a large TBR? Is your list of books to read one that never gets smaller? Do you frequently impulse buy books? 



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6 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday – TBR Pile

  1. I wouldn’t even be able to take a single picture of my tbr. *lol* I collect books so many at a time that my tbr spans shelves.

    I noticed Heart Shaped Box on your shelf there. I remember that being a good one. I want to read more of Joe Hill’s books in the future, especially Horns.


  2. My TBR is huge, and ever-growing. And I am definitely an impulse buyer. I don’t even know how many books are on my TBR, but there’s at least one 53L tote in the attic, not to mention the newer additions piled on the floor of my bedroom…. :/ haha!


  3. Second Life is on my tbr too, I really liked Before I Go to Sleep and look forward to reading their next book. I see a lot of fantastic books on your to-read shelf and hope you get the chance to enjoy them all. New Bloglovin’ follower.


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