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Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Six Reasons I Wish I Could Listen to Audiobooks

Here’s the thing. I can’t listen to audiobooks. I completely tune out what I hear and space out and think about everything else. When I read a physical book, I can drown out the entire world around me, which is part of what makes reading so easy for me, but I never realized just how much I can tune out sound until I tried to listen to audiobook. Even when I’m driving, I tune it out completely and wouldn’t be able to tell you what the narrator just said. 

Here are some reasons I wish I was different and could embrace audiobooks:

1. I could read and drive. I have about a 20 min commute to work. I could listen to an entire chapter of a book without cutting into my schedule at all. 

2. I could walk/exercise and listen to a book. It’s really hard to exercise and read, even doing simple things like sit ups. If I could pop in some headphones and go for a walk, I could combine reading with something healthy. Right now, the promise of reading time is what gets me through my yoga routine.

3. I could pronounce names. As a kid, I could not figure out how to pronounce Hermione’s name in Harry Potter to save my life. It wasn’t until the movies began that I was like OH MY GOD I’m so stupid! Audiobooks would save me a lot of trouble and allow me to talk more about my favorite characters without sounding like a dweeb because the narrator would tell me how to say names and how to pronounce weird places.

4. It would slow me down. I’m a fast reader, but I hate it sometimes. I don’t want my books to end and I want to savor the words. Hearing a narrator do a great job would probably help me feel like I’m really immersing myself in the book. I usually reread series to get back into it since I can’t seem to slow my pace.

5. I could do errands and clean my house while reading. I could pop in some headphones and start mopping if I could listen to audiobooks while I do them. It would feel like I’m being productive when I’m also doing what I love. Instead, I have to clean and then read.

6. I could experience books in a different way. There are so many debates about if audiobooks count or how audiobooks stack up against regular books and I definitely feel conflicted. Of course they should count because it’s not like it’s a movie or a paraphrased book or a Cliff Notes summary. But it IS different. I love learning new words and I think being a reader certainly makes me a smarter person. How would listening to books affect me? Would my speech sound more eloquent if I was used to hearing words aside from regular conversation? Would my vocabulary improve more or less? How would I experience a book I’m reading if I’ve already heard it before? I would love to have a new way to enjoy books and experience books differently than I do now.


Do you like audiobooks? 


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Audiobooks

  1. I have never listened to an audio-book for the same reason as you. I don’t think that I could concentrate long enough. Great reasons. I love how you chose to do your TTT.


  2. I’ve only tried listening to a few audiobooks, mostly when I was a kid, and didn’t really enjoy it. I am, however, considering trying it again. As you mentioned, the car would be the ideal place. I have a 40 minute commute each way to work every day – that’s a lot of valuable reading time! Half the time the radio doesn’t even come in, so an audio book would be great… Hm… 🙂


  3. I fell in love with the Harry Potter series on audiobook, they were my first audiobooks and I loved it. I listen to them while I’m at work, only while completing mindless tasks. I did find myself rewinding at times if I lost my concentration but I never felt like I lost track of the story. Also I love to read/listen to my favorites multiple times and this helps fill in any gaps. I’m currently listening to The Dresden Files in audiobook and it was different adjusting to another narrator’s style but I’m still enjoying the series. I haven’t tried to read something I’ve listened to before, I would probably try to read HP in a British voice.
    I hope you’re doing well!


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