Bookish Birthday Gifts – Happy Birthday To Me

As a huge book nerd, I frequently find unique bookish items for my shelves. I also subscribe to book boxes that contain unique gifts, too. And I never expect people to send me bookish gifts because I know it’s hard. I mean, what do you get a book nerd who has everything?

This year, a few days before my birthday, there was a package from my dad and stepmom with one of the most unique bookish items I’ve seen and one of the coolest presents I’ve ever gotten!


It’s about the size of a book with a magnetic closure like that of a kindle case. In fact, that’s what I thought it was when I opened it. And then I opened the book and.. MAGIC!







It’s a lamp! It’s LED and recharges at the bottom (just like a kindle would).

I absolutely love this unique item!


It’s been a great birthday week.. I’ve gotten all sorts of awesome gifts from my parents and friends:

This mug is from my best friend and it’s obvious that she knows me well. LOL I have to try really hard to not be “that annoying girl” who corrects people out loud.

(I have Weird New England, but I’ll be leaving New England for the opposite coast sometime soon)



I’m going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this fall and this was #1 on my Things to Buy Before I Go list and now I can cross it off! My family and friends know what’s up this year! I’m loving the gifts.

 I love giving the perfect gifts for people (I think I’m pretty good at it) and it’s just as awesome getting similar gifts because it feels like I’m getting things that people put some thought into or noticed I wanted. It’s a great feeling and I hope people feel the same when they open my gifts to them!

 What types of bookish gifts do you get? Are your friends and family pretty good at picking the perfect gifts? 




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