Feature and Follow Friday – Book Betrayal


Feature and Follow Friday
Hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

This Week’s Prompt:

What’s Your Book Betrayal Story? 

(Someone borrowed a book and destroyed it? Waited for a book for forever and it was terrible?)


I don’t actually loan books out very often unless I don’t care about them and would likely not reread them and wouldn’t be upset if I added them to my Take-To-The-Used-Bookstore pile.

I am all about giving out book recommendations, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I see coupons and good sales… I’m not giving you my copy. 

But I have one betrayal story…

I bought all 7 Harry Potter books right around the time the 7th book released… The first 6 were in paperback and the 7th was still in hardcover at the time. I read the series, fell back in love with it, and let a family member borrow book 7 while they were visiting. I knew it would be awhile before I committed to rereading it because of the length, so I could live without it for a few months. 

It’s been at least 8 years since that I let someone borrow the book.

I STILL don’t have the book back. 

I went through the cycle of being nice about asking, reminding the family member every time I knew she was visiting my mom or visiting me to pack it to getting a little confrontational about it.

I bought book 7 in paperback a couple of years ago to replace the hardcover I gave out. But I’m still mad about it and that I’ve never gotten in back after almost of decade with me asking more than enough times about it. I don’t even know that I’ve gotten a real apology other than the shift-responsibility-to-my-chaotic-lifestyle type of “oh, I don’t know what came over me, I forgot it, so sorry.” 

Lesson learned.

I don’t give out books I care about and if I loan you a book and you return it, my opinion of you improves. 

I’m highly uncomfortable with having books I’ve borrowed from other people and have all but pushed books back into the arms of the owner. I have one book on my shelf I don’t own and I think I attempted to return it enough times with the owner telling me she really doesn’t mind I still haven’t read it to not feel bad anymore. 


Sometimes I feel like people look at my shelves and they just don’t get why I would be so territorial about my books when I have so many. Why would I force someone to pay $20 for a book when it’s just sitting on my shelf and I’m not reading it? 

Why, you ask? 

It’s the same reason banks have their pens chained to the counter. Because you just can’t let people use something if you don’t have a way to get it back because the majority of people will just throw the bank’s pen in their pocket and never actually use it again, just like someone will borrow a book and maybe never read it or read it and never return it.

I let a friend borrow a book one time and then she GAVE IT TO HER FRIEND TO READ! Granted, I did get the book back eventually, but OMG! You don’t just let someone borrow something that you already borrowed. This was after the Harry Potter incident, early on in the days of me asking for it, so I wasn’t even nice about asking my friend’s friend for the book. I don’t even think she had the chance to read it, but I was like “Walmart has the movie tie in edition for $8, can I please just get this one back?”

Do you let people borrow your books?



5 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday – Book Betrayal

  1. I agree 100% with your reasoning and I’m so sorry about you HP experience, that really sucks.

    What I don’t understand is how people see our books on our shelves but don’t understand that if they don’t want to spend money on the book, we don’t want to spend double the money to replace what they have damaged!

    Happy Friday! ( Old Follower)


  2. I can’t borrow books from people because I feel all nervous and anxious because what if I damage it somehow? I’d rather avoid all the stress and just buy the book. It’s easier on my nerves.

    I normally don’t loan books out because I’m afraid they will come back less beautiful than they left. It’s not that I don’t trust people…well, yeah, I guess it is. LOL!

    Old follower!!


  3. If you loan a book to a friend and they take it upon themselves to let one of their friends – especially one that YOU’RE not friends with; I could almost understand if it was a mutual friend! – borrow it, and didn’t even ask you . . . just no!

    That’s like loaning $20 to a friend and they didn’t use it themselves, but gave it to one of their friends. (Okay, not exactly, but still).


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