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Feature and Follow Friday

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This week’s prompt:

Is there a book/series that everybody seems to love, but you can’t stand? Why?

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. 


I like the occasional steamy romance and I usually get my fill from paranormal romance, some of which is full of alpha male tropes that I don’t like on a normal basis. And some of those books are often insanely graphic. Some of them are cheesy. So when I say I don’t like 50 Shades, it’s not because I don’t like romance.

Mostly, it wasn’t well written at all. The main character was annoying to me with her inner goddess weirdness. The relationship was impersonal and stale. The hero was basically like, “I don’t do romance” while he simultaneously took her on helicopter rides and swept her off of her feet romantically. Mixed signals, much? So then heroine decides that really he means he doesn’t normally do romance, but she can change him into a guy who does romance and admits it. I just want to bang my head against a wall.

And I just don’t understand why being into BDSM makes him dangerous and that’s literally his whole conflict. “I’m dangerous, you should stay away from me.” Because you have a fetish? Wtf. Own what you’re into. And that’s what made the book stand out to me as Twilight fan fiction. No, Twilight isn’t perfect, either, but I felt like the rawness of the writing worked well in a YA tale about a plain Jane heroine who finds her place in the world. Edward kept staying away because he literally going crazy over her blood and therefore was actually dangerous until he learned to keep his cool and not kill her. I can accept that logically. Christian Grey is going to do what? Whip her? *rolls eyes* Soo dangerous.

I will admit that I may dislike Fifty Shades because I actually dislike most billionaire romance and other romance genres like rockstar romance and fighter romance. There’s nothing remotely attractive to me about billionaires in suits, rock stars in leather pants, or cage fighters with cauliflower ears. So if I’m reading a romance, I need there to be more reasons to be into the dude and unfortunately, many of those romances fall short for me. I think you have to be into that type of male lead in order to be fully immersed in the romance. So it’s not ALL Fifty Shades fault.. But still, I will never understand the hype. 

For more perfect 50 Shades GIFs: this article is perfect.

What about you?



9 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday – Unpopular Opinion

  1. OMG. Your post literally had me “ROFL”.

    I tried 50 shades, kinda liked it but never finished the series, there are other erotica out there that deserved better recognition! I totally agree on the “I’m so dangerous” point, Edward is a vampire, he could potentially kill you, but Christian Grey who just loved a little kink? Yeah, that point doesn’t sit right with me too. I was never on the 50 shades hype and I just enjoyed it for its romantic vibe, although it was also guilty of many book cliches.

    Your post made my day, I can’t stop laughing! *wiping tears as I’m writing this*

    Have a great reading week! Old follower 🙂


  2. I’ve never read any of the 50 Shades books, nor have I seen the movies and I have zero desire to do so! The series seems very polarizing – people either love it or hate it. I hate the whole idea of it! I don’t get the hype AT ALL and it just sounds stupid. Also, the movie trailers are ridiculous! I have no need to have 50 Shades in my life! Happy Friday! 😀 New Twitter follower!


  3. I held off till right before the movie came out. I kept telling myself it has to be decent if they are making a movie…..it was awful. I struggled about 70% through but couldn’t take any more of the writing. I wouldn’t even pay for the book I had to borrow it because I couldn’t justify it. I do like Rockstar, Billionaire romance thought. They are my guilty pleasure.


  4. Yep, I’m with you. I bought the trilogy because everyone was raving about it and I was curious. Read the first book – it was ok, but nothing spectacular, and I totally agree about all the annoying “inner goddess” and “I’m so dangerous” business. Totally over-hyped. Never ended up reading the rest of the books, and had ZERO interest in watching the movie. I enjoyed reading Twilight back in the day, but the movies completely ruined it for me, and 50 Shades is just an extension of that. Think I could sell my copies somewhere?


  5. Hahaha I always find it funny when someone hates on 50, I also usually agree with them. But sadly I fell down the rabbit hole and actually enjoyed it. In my defense it wasy first boom in that genre so didn’t have any standards for it. I have tried rereading it more recently an couldn’t finish if, so yeah, there’s that! Happy Friday! Old follower ☺


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