Guest Post – 5 Great Apps for Book Lovers

5 Great Apps For Book Lovers

Guest Post by Cassie at Culture Coverage



Technology has revolutionized the way we enjoy books. Changing everything from the formats we read to the way we buy and catalogue our favorite novels, there are now many tools that make the life of a book lover easier than ever. 

These five apps can all be easily downloaded onto your phone, tablet or laptop, and are the perfect accompaniment to the classic paper format. Even though nothing can replace the feeling of a good book in your hands, you can’t deny that the convenience of these programs helps a reader out in a pinch. 



 Amazon’s mighty Kindle has long been a front-runner in the e-book industry. Pioneering the e-book format and offering a whole plethora of fantastic deals on some classic and notable novels, many opt for the Kindle E-reader as their main way to enjoy digital novels. What many people don’t realize, however, is that you don’t need to own the actual Kindle device to enjoy all it has on offer. 

The Kindle app is available for almost all major smartphone operating systems, including iOS and Android. It gives you the ability to search, buy and download the same catalogue of e-books that users of the device have available. You can also synchronize your libraries between all of your devices, which is great for when you’re on the go. You won’t have to worry about losing your place nearly so often now!



For those using the Kindle app, this is a great addition to help you get more for your money. Buffered VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and the reason this is a must-have for book lovers is two-fold. First, it’s a great way to get more content from the Amazon store and other online libraries, as some online marketplaces block their content based on your IP address. With a VPN, you can override this and appear as though you’re nearly anywhere in the world, giving you a much wider range of access.

Using a VPN also has the bonus of providing you with an extra level of security on your device. As cybercrime continues to rise, many people have found themselves falling victim to hackers intercepting their bank details when they make purchases from the Kindle store or share sensitive information. A VPN encrypts your data and makes it safe to browse without worrying about thieves or cybercriminals.  



In a wonderfully refreshing twist on the modern selfie culture, the Shelfie app lets you take a picture of your bookcase and then organize it in a digital library. Once formatted, you can easily search titles, synchronize the app with Goodreads and receive recommendations based on your library. The most exciting feature of this app, however, is its ability to convert your physical books into electronic copies. 
Because you can prove ownership, the app offers you up to 90% discount on titles you already own, in both e-book and audio format. 

The app also offers a fun social media element, which allows you to connect with your friends and other book lovers across the world. You can look at their shelves, save titles that you’re interested in reading and share your favorite picks for others to enjoy. It’s a unique and brilliant alternative to the generic book app format and is well worth downloading for anyone who is proud of their book collection. 



Many book lovers enjoy annotating their copies when reading. From marking particularly poignant sections to recording thoughts or reviews, penciling in the margins is a great way to take in any novel you read. Unfortunately, this is a benefit that is often lost in the world of e-books. Short of doodling on the screen, there aren’t many options for those who love to annotate. Gerty is a great new app that aims to resolve this. 

Created by Appstafarian, Gerty is a generic e-reader with a twist. It allows you read in many different formats while also providing a built-in note-taker. By simply clicking the ‘+’ button at any point, you can add a note to your book. You can categorize these into elements such thoughts, ideas and even geo-tagged stories. You can even upload pictures and videos to the note, giving you the ability to make comprehensive and dynamic annotations. 



No matter which format you use to enjoy your reading, this app is the perfect companion to any dedicated bookworm. In short, it allows you to find any book you wish to buy in its cheapest form, making it extremely handy for those looking to cut their costs. 

The BookSearch app works by allowing you to search the catalog using your prospective book’s ISBN number, book title or author. There’s also an option to search by keyword, so if you know the sort of thing you’re looking for but not a specific product, you can still compare prices of what’s available. The interface is extremely user-friendly, as it showcases results in a handy table. You can even make your purchases directly through the app. By comparing all of the biggest online retailers, it ensures you never overspend on a book again! 


You don’t have to be an e-book lover to benefit from technology’s influence on the world of literature. There are dozens of great apps out there to revolutionize your reading experience. If you know of any more that deserve a spot on this list, be sure to leave a comment below with your ideas!


About the Author: Cassie is an entertainment and culture blogger. She’s been a bookworm for nearly as long as she could read and is always on the lookout for exciting new titles. If you ever need a recommendation, she’s your girl! 

Twitter: @cassie_culture


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