Feature and Follow Friday – Book Boyfriend


Feature and Follow Friday

hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

This week’s prompt:

What are the most important qualities of a book boyfriend?

I don’t really have book boyfriends because I don’t think anyone is more perfect for me than my own husband (he really is the best), so I’m not living vicariously through any characters. However, there are qualities I like the heroes (or anti heroes) to have.

  • Not be a boy scout. I just can’t stand those always-for-the-greater-good, always-do-the-right-thing type of guys. Hence why I am not a fan of Superman and Captain America. 
  • Be smart. I don’t think lack of intelligence is attractive. It’s why when the hot dumb guy that all my coworkers drool over comes in, I frown. How can you even find him attractive? He’s dumber than rocks. No thanks. He looks like a troll to me.
  • Be manly. I like when a guy can work with his hands, figure out the mechanisms of anything, and take care of things. I don’t mind the rich guys in fiction, but not when they are delicate and hire people to do everything. I prefer someone who isn’t afraid to do some heavy lifting.
  • Have a personality. Maybe some people like the dreamy rich guy or the hunky boxer, but I need characters to be humans with personalities and not stereotypes. This is my biggest issue with romance novels. 




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