Review – Anansi Boys (American Gods #2) by Neil Gaiman


Anansi Boys (American Gods #2)

By Neil Gaiman

SummaryFat Charlie Nancy’s normal life ended the moment his father dropped dead on a Florida karaoke stage. Charlie didn’t know his dad was a god. And he never knew he had a brother. 

Now brother Spider’s on his doorstep — about to make Fat Charlie’s life more interesting… and a lot more dangerous.

Source: I purchased a Barnes and Noble copy of American Gods and Anansi Boys


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Anansi Boys was good, but I don’t think it should be included with American Gods in one bound book because the tone is completely different and not at all what I expected. American Gods was so brilliant and serious and dark… And Anansi Boys was like a quirky circus and I wasn’t really happy about it if I’m being honest. I did not enjoy the book as much as I’d hoped and I know it’s 100% due to coming down from reading American Gods and being blown away and assuming Anansi Boys would be similar. 

However, Anansi Boys was a great book. It dealt with a man named Charlie who had a quaint life and a dad who always embarrassed him. He received news of his father’s death and went to the funeral, which was the point where his life started to spiral out of control. His dad had always had a way with words. Despite not being fat for much of his life, once his dad nicknamed him Fat Charlie, it stuck and never went away. His dad was just like that. Turned out, Charlie had a brother who decided to pop into his life and seemed to exhibit the same tendencies. People believe what he said. His brother, Spider, took over Fat Charlie’s life, despite not looking anything like him. He just got people to believe what he wanted. 

Other reviewers have mentioned that the audiobook is narrated by a comedian and is quite entertaining, so that may be a better way to experience the book. At any rate, just don’t read it right after finishing American Gods because it’s not at all enjoyable to do that. It took me ages to get into the story because of that. If you read it separately and expect more quirkiness and humor, it’s a great read and I definitely recommend it. My three star rating is kind of unfair, but I just can’t give it four because I did not enjoy it as much as I would’ve had I read it at another time!

Star 3



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