Top Ten Tuesday – Gift Guide for Book Lovers


Top Ten Tuesday

Hosted by the Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

The most important thing when it comes to gift buying is that it should be from the heart. Find unique things. Think outside of the box. Some of the links I included have a variety of bookish products, so they are great places to start! Most of these I own and received as gifts from awesome family and friends or things I bought for myself.

1. This awesome book lamp

2. 100 Essential Novel scratch off poster

3. Harry Potter House Scarf

4. Literary Scarf

5. Literary Tote/Shirt/Socks

6. Subscription to a book box like Owlcrate or Uppercase.


7. Mugs for tea, coffee, or anything else book lovers tend to drink while reading.


8. Unique Print

9. Cell Phone Case

10. Gift Card for Books

Please note that actual books aren’t on the list. I love getting books that I’ve been wanting, but often when people buy me actual books, they are books not in my usual genres. I read just about anything, so it’s weird that books I’ve been gifted are typically books I would NEVER read. I find that people tend to buy things THEY like for people instead of looking at what the person they are buying for will like. To avoid awkward situations, gift cards are always preferred unless I’m asked for a specific wish list. 


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