Review – Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes


Dark Tide

By Elizabeth Haynes

SummaryElizabeth Haynes, author of the bestselling debut Into the Darkest Corner, returns with a tense, gripping thriller about a woman caught in an underworld of corruption and murder..

Genevieve has finally achieved her dream: to leave the stress of London behind and start a new life aboard a houseboat in Kent. She’s found the perfect vessel: Revenge of the Tide. She already feels less lonely; as if the boat is looking after her.

But the night of her boat-warming party, a body washes up, and to Genevieve’s horror, she recognizes the victim. She isn’t about to tell the police, though; hardly anyone knows about her past as a dancer at a private members’ club, The Barclay. The death can’t have anything to do with her. Or so she thinks…

Soon, the lull of the waves against Revenge feels anything but soothing, as Genevieve begins to receive strange calls and can’t reach the one person who links the present danger with her history at the club. Fearing for her safety, Genevieve recalls the moment when it all started to go wrong: the night she saw her daytime boss in the crowd at The Barclay…
Dark, sexy, and exquisitely chilling, Dark Tide is another superb mystery from acclaimed rising star Elizabeth Haynes.

Source: I purchased a paperback
Dark Tide was a suspenseful novel involving death, romance, and a secret life. Genevieve started her dream of living on a houseboat and making it her own after saving a ton of money. The book toggled between the present day, with her in her marina on her houseboat and her past, where she worked as a salesperson and an exotic dancer. The body of someone she knew turned up by her boat the day of her houseboat-warming party and the police started to get involved.
The plot was interesting and I loved getting to know who Genevieve was and who she used to be. She wasn’t a dancer for any reason other than knowing it made her a lot of money and genuinely enjoying dancing, but it was something that had an effect on her safety. Her work associates from her day job had no idea and she tried not to let it clash, but she angered some pretty important people by leaving.
I really enjoyed Into the Darkest Corner from Haynes, so my expectations were really high. Into the Darkest Corner was one of the best stalker type of books I’ve read, but Dark Tide was a much more forgettable suspense novel that didn’t really wow me. It was a good story and well written, but I didn’t connect to the character or the gravity of her situation the way I did with her other novel. 
If you enjoy romantic suspense, thrillers, and mysteries, Dark Tide is decent and if you can find a cheap copy, it’s certainly entertaining and worth the read. However, I would recommend Into the Darkest Corner as a MUST READ and if you could only read one, Dark Tide is the one you should skip.
Star 3

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