Review – Gerald’s Game by Stephen King

Gerald’s Game

By Stephen King

SummaryStephen King cranks up the suspense in a different kind of bedtime story. A game of seduction between a husband and wife goes horribly awry when the husband dies. But the nightmare has just begun…

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It’s so funny how different Stephen King books are and how some fans like some books and other fans love his other books. How can two huge Stephen King fans have such different opinions about his books?! But his books are so different from each other and there are so many, it’s just like a regular book genre. Some people like some books, other people don’t. Gerald’s Game is one of the books that seems to really test the line. Reviews go from 1/2 stars or 4/5 stars and there doesn’t seem to be very much in between. This book either scares you and impresses you or it makes your eyes bleed from boredom.

Gerald’s Game has to be the absolute worst Stephen King book I’ve ever read that I can remember. I hated it. I hated Jessie from page one and reading about her adventures handcuffed to the bed was the most awful thing ever. And it’s surprising because I certainly didn’t mind being in Paul Sheldon’s head while he was trapped in a bed going crazy, so it’s not that Stephen King isn’t great at weird story lines like that. Gerald’s Game is not a book for everyone. I’m a huge King fan and I usually like SOME aspect of a story and I really just wanted to either save Jessie or kill her, but just END THE FREAKING BOOK because it didn’t need to be that long. Ugh.

Some people really enjoyed the book. I would say that if you’re a fan of internal monologues and flashbacks and an overall lack of real plot, this book is perfect for you. And you’ll know within the first few chapters whether or not Jessie’s head is an enjoyable place for you. I didn’t enjoy myself at all and will be taking my shiny paperback to the used bookstore as soon as possible because I hated it. 

And if you loved this book and love King, please do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES recommend this book to people who haven’t read King. No matter how you feel about it, it’s unfair to subject someone to this book without them at least knowing what King is capable of. I would never pick up a Stephen King book if this was my only impression of his work.

Star 1


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