Top Ten Tuesday – Reviews


Top Ten Tuesday
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This week is a Freebie.

Top Ten Five Reasons I Like Book Reviews


1. I use Goodreads and I have friends on there who frequently review. After some time, I can figure out what they like and what they don’t like, so when I see their reviews, I can typically decide fairly quickly if I’ll enjoy it.

2. While star ratings are helpful, people dislike and like books for a variety of reasons. I like being able to see what exactly made someone rate a book what they rated it. If someone rated a book 1 star because it was violent, it might make me look at the “bad” review differently and I might decide to pick it up, whereas just seeing 1 star might lead me to believe it’s not a good/well written book. I like the details.

3. People are bound to mention something crazy, weird, or slightly awful. Too much violence? Too much sex? Too much romance in a book that makes you otherwise think it’s not romantic? A review is bound to talk about this. Maybe the things they hated are things I’ll love, but at least I know a little more about what I’m getting into. It’s almost like the book has warning labels when I skim reviews and see some comments about certain issues. I know what to expect.

4. I like to WRITE reviews because I read a lot and I don’t always remember later what I thought. I love being able to take the time to write out my thoughts because it helps me remember and I also have something to refer back to.

5. Reading reviews can sometimes help me out and I can avoid a book that was awful and was on my radar. I can wait for other people to spend the time and money reading something and make some better educated decisions about it!



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Reviews

  1. I definitely agree with no 2. Star ratings alone don’t tell the whole story and I’d rather read the reviews of people with similar interests. And reviews definitely are a great way to thin out your TBR pile and pick your next read 🙂


  2. Wonderful Top 5! I love a good book review and like you it helps me to decide if I am going to risk reading something that I am not sure about. Although I hate when people give too much away! MyTTT


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