Feature and Follow Friday – Blogging Tips


Feature and Follow Friday

Hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

This week’s prompt:

What are some tips that help you with blogging?


1. Schedule posts. Space them out however you choose, but let yourself get ahead and have some content for those reading slumps and vacations. If you go long periods without posting, you can lose followers, so I just space everything out and set myself up for 30+ days so I know I can take my time on that long book or what not and still have an active blog.


2. Participate in memes. I only do two, but that’s because they are easy to set up in advance and other memes don’t give me enough notice to schedule in advance. But on the day my post goes live for the meme or blog hop, I make sure I post my link and follow and comment on other people’s blogs. 


3. Do what you want. I read mainly books I buy myself or borrow from the library. I knew I got to a point when I didn’t want to read self published books for review as my main content, so I just said no to requests. If you don’t want to do something, just say no. Just read what you want and be what you want to be.


4. Use Netgalley (or other digital ARC service). Because I’m not prominent enough to get ARCs from major publishers, I use Netgalley to try and get the digital titles I want to read in advance. It’s a really helpful way for us smaller bloggers to get awesome ARCs.


5. Be consistent. It’s best to have a blog name and all social media platforms be the same across the board. Because I started with my long blog name, I just use @meganm922 as my handle for social media, but I don’t have 5 different handles floating around. It’s better to try to keep it all the same so followers can find you on multiple platforms.


What blogging tips help you succeed?



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