January 2017 Owlcrate Unboxing

January’s Owlcrate Theme was Classic Remix

We knew we’d be getting some sort of tea, but I don’t remember there being many other hints, aside from Owlcrate saying there wouldn’t be any jewelry.


What came in January’s box?


I love the card! How unique. 



What’s in the box?







Roseblood by A.G. Howard, a Phantom of the Opera retelling.

A Phantom of the Opera magnet by Sweet Sequels.

Loose herbal mint tea inspired by The Little Prince from First Edition Tea Co.

Secret Garden inspired bath soap from TeaSoapBooks.

Slaughterhouse-five bookmark made by Lexy Olivia.

Classic inspired calendar by Obvious State.

Classic Owlcrate Pin!


Again, another box with high quality items! I can understand why some would be underwhelmed, since most of the items are paper in some sort of format, but I know the items were exclusive to Owlcrate and the value if I was able to buy each thing outright would far surpass what I paid for the monthly subscription box. Each box contains more and more exclusive items and I know the actual value of the items have gone up, even if the quantity of items has decreased. 

I haven’t quite figured out where to put my calendar since i can’t really hang it up, but I love the design. 

The book was on my radar and has a gorgeous cover, so I’m super stoked to read it. 

If anyone wants to subscribe to Owlcrate, click here!


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