The Nocturnal Reader’s Box – February Unboxing

My First Nocturnal Reader’s Box


So one of the reasons I tend to stick with just one subscription box is the issue of getting duplicates. I’ve been burned by Uppercase and a lot of the other YA boxes tend to have similar books as well. Because I’m so loyal to Owlcrate, I’d end up with duplicates even if another box had the same book in another month or something. It’s just too much to keep track of and waste money on.

I saw an ad on Instagram for The Nocturnal Reader’s Box and realized it just might solve my problem.

The box contains adult, not YA books

It contains 2 books: a brand new release and a new copy of an older book.

The box is for those who enjoy Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Psychological Thrillers, which is right up my alley, especially for adult books. (I don’t want a box full of literary bricks or chick lit, even though I DO read them from time to time, I don’t need 2 books per month of that kind of thing. I will devour most things fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and thriller so.. this is just perfect!)

The other great thing is that it ships around the 1st, while my Owlcrate ships closer to the middle to end of each month. I like the alternating ship dates so I have something to look forward to all month!

(Can I also mention that it’s affordable, too? The adult book boxes that I see are in the $40s and up and, while they do seem cool, I just don’t want to fork out money like that each month for unknown items. I mean, some boxes let you choose books, but I don’t get the same satisfaction from knowing what’s coming, so this box really seems to solve all of my problems!)

Basically, this box sounded like all things ME. 

And it is!


For details about the box, check out their website!


The February Theme was Paranoia.


















  • Under a Watchful Eye by Adam Nevill UK Edition
  • American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
  • A paranoia journal with the quote “Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then.” By Philip K. Dick
  • A Silence of the Lambs decorative box
  • Don’t Follow Me sunglasses
  • An American Psycho pin that says “I have to return some videotapes.” Pinned to a Patrick Bateman business card
  • A paranoia bookmark
  • An amazing paranoia art print

I think it might have been around $30 or so and I feel like I definitely got that much stuff. I loved everything, even though I actually (don’t hurt me, book nerds!) prefer the American Psycho MOVIE to the book. It’s still cool to have a copy on my shelf.


I just wanted to try the box out, but March’s theme is Lost in the Woods, so I’m in for another month. I hope it’s as good as this month because it means I found something I can continue to subscribe to each month!  


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