5 Things on Sunday – Words



5 Things on Sunday 

Hosted by Reads and Treats

Words to Describe Your Week



1. Awesome.

My husband is back from being out to sea and I’m so happy to have him back at home!




2. Exhausting. 

I’ve been working more hours this week than usual.. 



3. Stressful.

A major promotional event happened this past week at work while we are somewhat short staffed and unorganized, so it was a bit stressful.


sherlock thinking

4. Worrisome.

I’m moving in 4 months and my job has not yet been able to solidify a position for me in my new state. It’s too early, but I have to plan a lot now before my husband leaves again, so it’s just a lot to worry about.



5. Bookish.

The March Owlcrate renewed on the first. 

The March Nocturnal Reader’s Box shipped on the first.

And I chose my Book of the Month Club book for March and it will ship next week! 

These are the things i look forward to since I’m on a variation of a book buying ban!



One thought on “5 Things on Sunday – Words

  1. Yay for your husband coming back! That’s always awesome!!!

    Good luck with the moving. I’m sure it will all work out! Immerse yourself in a book to forget the worries 😉 If only it were that easy, right?!


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