Nocturnal Reader’s Box – March Unboxing


March’s Theme was

Lost in the Woods

This was my second month. I thought February was well worth the money, so I continued to subscribe. March was about $10 more than my first month, which was a bit over my preferred price range, but I stuck it out.
So what was in the box?
I suppose Lost in the Woods could mean different things for different people, but for a box that is geared towards fans of horror and mystery and even sci-fi and fantasy, I was thinking a little more fantasy or horror and less… Sasquatch and camping.
  • The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn (I’m excited to dig into this book!)
  • In a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware (This is the second box and the second time the older book has been one already on my shelf, so that’s frustrating, though it can’t be helped.)
  • Campfire Ball cap 
  • A wooden bookmark made by FinePenArt (Gorgeous!)
  • Loose tea blend 
  • Tea infuser
  • Survival bracelet
  • Bigfoot car air freshener
  • Lost in the Woods enamel pin
  • Custom art print by Onyx Studios
The new book choice seems like something I’d pick up for myself and has decent reviews. It is marked at $16, so it’s a decent value, too. 
I hate that the second book is a duplicate of one I just read recently, but I know it’s a risk. 
The hat is something that will likely end up lost in a closet somewhere because I don’t wear hats, so that was a bit of a disappointment, too. I feel the same way about the survival bracelet. I never signed up for camping and was not thinking along those lines when I signed up for this box, so those two items just seem off. Not what I expected. 
I love the wooden bookmark and the custom art print, as those are right up my alley and I think it’s great when boxes partner with handcrafted shops. 
The pin is cool, but I’m not one to collect pins, I just happen to have a few, so I’m a bit more apathetic about them in any box. 
I like the tea.. it seems like a blend I’ll enjoy. It’s cool that it came with an infuser for people who may not have one, so it’s inclusive. I think it’s cute, too. 
I’ll use the air freshener, but I’m not into Bigfoot or anything. Again, not something I expected this box to be about and that’s probably my fault, but the box just did a whole camping vibe that I just didn’t like. 
The good news is that this box is definitely gender neutral, as it contains items that aren’t specifically geared towards women, but I think I would’ve preferred wearables like scarves or something a little more artsy. 
I cancelled the box for now and I’ll keep track of each month’s unboxing photos to decide if I will come back after I move.

One thought on “Nocturnal Reader’s Box – March Unboxing

  1. Haha, totally sasquatch!! Oh, you made me laugh with that one. Well, boxes are supposed to be a surprise, I guess? 🙂 and surprises aren’t always the best. Hope it’s better next time!


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