Top Ten Tuesday – How to Get Me to Read


Top Ten Tuesday

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book


I’m going to mention things I hear people say in reviews that they mean in a negative way that make me actually want to read the book they are talking about. 



1. “There is so much violence.” 

I love violence! 

2. “The main character is just so heinous. It’s so hard to root for him/her.” 

I love dark characters, especially ones who aren’t morally perfect. They are far more interesting to me.

3. “It doesn’t really have a happy ending.” 

Good. I want some conflict and stress when I read. My life is pretty good, but even when I read and I’m stressed out, I’d rather read about people who have the fate of their world in their hands. Makes me feel better about my puny problems.

4. “There’s so much language.” 

F*** yes! Language isn’t an issue for me. I think it adds shock value when necessary. Some characters need to use it, sometimes it works. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a book have too much language for me.

5. “For a YA novel, there’s a lot of sex/sexual tension.” 

In an adult book, I get it, I don’t want too many references to flowers and members and all that awful stuff, but in a YA book, it’s never been too much for me. It’s usually just right. I’m not a teen or a parent, so I have no reason to care about whether it’s appropriate for the genre. I’m actually happy authors are pushing the limits. Give me tension without multiple adjectives for body parts that go on for chapters on end. 

6. “So many people die, I just can’t take it!” 

YES! When important characters die, it’s so unexpected and I love unpredictable books. Save the happy endings and the everything-works-out-for-everyone for people who need that.

7. “There’s so much detail and I’m a plot person. Can’t we just get to it?” 

I do love action, but I love stopping to smell the roses. I love fantasy for this reason. The world building should be rich and detailed, just not too boring, which is why I added the “I’m a plot person.” If someone who also loves detailed books says it’s too much, then I’m less likely to pick it up. There’s a fine line.

8. “It’s a standalone and I wanted more!” 

You mean I don’t have to continue to wait years to read, forget, reread, forget, repeat? I can just have my closure right away? Sign me up!

9. “Whoa, this book is way too dark for me.” 

I love darkness. Give me the violent, morally ambiguous, madness and mayhem. I don’t want books to be happy piles of sunshine.

10. “This book is so messed up because of [insert controversy here].” 

Mostly, I just want to see what the fuss is about. Why are people offended. Will I also be offended? Let’s find out! 


Okay, so maybe I just like super screwed up books, but all of these make me want to read the book. But let’s just all admit that negative reviews can be extremely positive for people who have different tastes! 


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