Top Ten Tuesday – How To Make Me Not Read A Book


Top Ten Tuesday

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week’s topic:

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

This is the exact opposite of last week’s prompt, so I’m going to take what sounds like positive remarks and explain why they would do the opposite for me. 


1. “I just love how wholesome it is.” 

Uh. No thanks.


2. “It felt very spiritual and I love the religious aspect.”



3. “It’s so much fun seeing a main character somehow always come out unscathed.”

I will instantly stop reading or watching a series when the main characters are not affected by the traumatic events they go through and no one ever gets hurt. We don’t live in bubbles. We react to our experiences and we get hurt. Sometimes we die. It’s just unrealistic to never see real consequences.


4. “It’s based on a fan-fiction.”

Ok, so maybe I have read some of these, but I’ve always initially put it back on the shelf immediately after discovering this and somehow the need to find out what the fuss is about overrides this in some cases. But generally, I’m not into the whole pulled to publish thing.


5. “It’s the new [insert popular title]”

I cannot stand when people advertize this as a reason to pick up the book. Sometimes, I am looking for the next similar book, but it feels dishonest to just make such a bold claim. Is it great for fans of [insert title]? Then just say that. But don’t act like it’s going to be the next amazing bestseller/box office book to movie hit because it features a teenage girl. 


6. ‘I thought I wouldn’t like a book about [insert something about horror, science, space, etc], but I really enjoyed it.”

As a fan of those things, I’m immediately more wary. Is it a book about something I love that completely glosses over those aspects? Is it a book that has bad science that makes no sense? *cringes* 


7. “I love that it’s such a long series! I can’t get enough!”

Wait. This is book 1 of a gajillion? Ugh. *puts book away* I just can’t commit to that. 


8. “I can’t for the next book to come out. I wish I knew the release date!”

Wait. It’s a series and it’s not finished? And we don’t know when the next book will be out? Is it a fantasy? Because I can’t. GRRM and Rothfuss have ruined my life and I’m just not doing it any more. 


9. “The love interest was so swoony and I couldn’t wait for him to realize he was with the wrong girl.”

Sometimes I’ve enjoyed a book with something like this happening, but I need more information before I pick the book up because I just can’t deal with cheating or pining after someone who is taken. It rubs me the wrong way.


10. “I love how the author was able to mix modern day politics in an apocalyptic tale.”

I love love love post apocalyptic fiction, dystopias, and screwed up societies. I do. But I really want to leave modern politics out of it because I don’t identify with either major party and the book will inevitably paint the other party as world ruiners (literally) and I think that’s oversimplifying a complicated issue.  


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – How To Make Me Not Read A Book

  1. Interesting! I actually feel the opposite about your first two, but maybe that’s because I’m 41 and religious? I agree with you on series. I keep telling myself not to even start one until it’s complete so I don’t have to drive myself crazy waiting for the next book. So aggravating!

    Happy TTT!


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