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Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Five Things I Want To See More Of In Books

1. Villains worth rooting for. It’s tempting I think to give readers a straightforward villain. In YA, sometimes it’s even easy to make an adult this cruel and unfeeling villain. But it’s so much more intriguing to have a villain with complexities. I love it when I want to almost root for the bad guys.

2. More twists in retellings. I love that the whole retelling thing is popular, but I would love to see more twists with those retellings. Give me a reason to pick up a retelling. Give me a Beauty and the Beast where Gaston maybe isn’t as awful as he pretends to be. Where Cinderella wants to do more than go to a ball. I love when authors take the original story and completely turn it upside down instead of just giving me a different version of the same thing. (I’m so glad The Lunar Chronicles exists because that was impressive.)

3. Contemporaries about overcoming. There are a lot of issue books out there and most of them show us the terrible side of being a teen or a person in society. People are awful and they can break you. I love that the message about treating people the right way are out there and being taken seriously. But I also think it’s important to have a realistic fiction setting where a person is their own Katniss or Celaena and truly perseveres even within a situation where other people don’t change or become better and the protagonist simply has to find a change within them to harden and ready themselves for it. The world is not a safe place and I would love to see some more books deal with it the way fantasy does. 

4. Standalone novels. I will always root for standalone novels. I’m so overwhelmed when I’m reading multiple series before they are finished and I’m always waiting for books, forgetting the plot, rereading before release of the latest book, and repeating again and again each year until it’s over. Can we just put a story in one book sometimes? Please?

5. Hopeful science fiction. I love dystopian societies, post apocalyptic worlds, alien invasions, evil technology, etc. But I also love that idea that technology took us to the skies, that our organized government allowed us to start looking outward at the stars. I am not saying I want books with no conflict in the future, I just would like a little less doom and gloom. Will we probably destroy ourselves? Yes. I get it. But I know back in the day, technology had to be this beacon of hope and I would love to see more stories about that mindset. Stories about building rockets and dreaming of colonizing planets. Old school science fiction.




4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – More

  1. Amen on the standalones.

    I think we are getting more villains worth rooting for, maybe that trend is beginning? I’ve heard good things about Victor from Vicious and Adelina from The Young Elites. I’m curious to read these books myself and see what their villainy is like.

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  2. Yes! I’m a fan of the tv show Once Upon A Time because of how they’ve taken basic fairytales and spun a whole other story from them. These are wonderful ideas!


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